The Body Shop Pomegranate & Raspberry Oil & Strawberry Body Mist 

I walked past The Body Shop at the mall the other day and they had this scent burning in a diffuser. It’s yummy sweet and gently fruity- not too sweet and not too strong and it drew me right into the store. I am super picky when it comes to how my house smells and can smell crappy cheap home fragrances from the front porch. This stuff does not have a cheap crappy drop in the bottle. It also is missing that disgusting plastic fruit berry smell that is so ubiquitous in Glade or Bath & Body Works fragrances. The Body Shop Pomegranate & Raspberry Oil just smells sweet and yummy and natural. I like to use their Strawberry Body Mist as an air freshener as well. They just leave a nice fruity scent in the air- like jam. Yummy.

At under $15 these little fragrant treats for the home are an easy luxury, and would also make lovely hostess gifts. I think for cooler weather I’ll try some of the Vanilla & Tonka Bean Home Fragrance Oil in my nebulizer. Delicious!

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