The Stunning Dior Grand Bal Holiday 2012 Vernis: Lady

Everything about Dior’s Grand Bal Holiday Collection 2012 is stunningly beautiful. Like- majorly hit it out of the park gorgeous. The nail polishes and bottles- I’m practically speechless and am blown away by the beautiful bottles and creamy and divine formula.

I fell for Lady 011, which is a snowy white frosty colour. Originally I wanted the deep red shade, but when I saw the photo of the collection and the bottle itself, it reminded me of a colour I used to wear in the 80s. The Dior version is less flashy, less frosty and garish than my 80s polish. It’s elegant and neutral and a perfect twist on the kabillion sheer polish shades I own. This will get a lot of wear this holiday season for sure. I am wearing 1 coat of Lippmann Hard Rock, 2 coats of Dior Vernis Lady and 1 coat of Lippmann Addicted to Speed. Dior Lady is still slightly sheer with 2 coats, as I can see a visible nail line. I imagine 3 coats would look gorgeous as well, and more like the white out effect you see in the ad. Verdict? LOVE.

Dior Grand Bal Holiday 2012 Collection is available at select Christian Dior counters at department stores.

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Reader Comments

  1. dorit

    hi i just love your blog! what do u suggest for serum for day time in winter? i have similar skin type as u thanks.

  2. dalybeauty

    Hi dorit! Thanks for reading. I have not settled on a serum for winter yet, but am still loving my Skinceuticals Vitamin B5 Gel and the Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10. Both work beautifully under my Vichy ProEVEN cream.

  3. nawi

    I like this shade as well but am hesitate to buy it there lots of bloggers complain about the brush stokes when applying? How did you experience this?

  4. dalybeauty

    Hi Nawi, thanks for reading & for your question. I found the formula to be perfection! No brushstrokes at all. That said, it IS a frost, and frosts weil definitely have some “streaks” vs a shimmer or glitter formula. It’s kind of a retro style, but I love it!

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