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One of the many great things about Daly Beauty is being lucky enough to try incredible products. When the gorgeous box of Trimaran Botanicals landed on my desk I knew this was something different. These products are from a company offers Shamanic Beauty Sessions – are you intrigued yet? I love this kind of stuff! From their site:

Our physical existence is neither solid nor liquid; vibrationally, we raise and lower depending on our energetic expression. How we express is made manifest physically – and thus our skin and external beauty is a hologram of our innermost world.

All of life is vibration, and plants are our kindred spirits. Lending their energy to us, plant allies offer not only oxygen and food but potent healing and wellbeing.

Choose your TRIMARAN BOTANICALS spiritual skincare products, or let them choose you – the intention is the same. TRIMARAN BOTANICALS approaches beauty differently – hand blended by a shamanic practitioner in Vancouver, Canada, each of its products is not only vegan, toxin-free and filler-free, but is also blessed with spirit messages from plant and crystal realms, imprinted with transformational mantras and vibrational potencies. Each bottle holds a synergy of molecular messaging, cellular communication from plant cells to your own.

TRIMARAN BOTANICALS offers a realm of reflection, where your sacral knowing reveals the antidote. What we believed unknown becomes the known, and your remedy is in this knowing.

You are your Shaman; your journey has begun.

Doesn’t that sound magical? So Trimaran Botanicals has gorgeous packaging. The glass jar and bottles feel hefty, and the minimalist labels are cool. I love how all the details about each product are checked off on the bottles, so it’s easy to see exactly what you’re getting. Being the grabby hands that I am, I start opening things that pique my interest immediately, before taking photos and sometimes before I, ahem, put my glasses on and read what they are. The labels are detailed, but in small print.

The Trimarin Botanicals Sacred Smudge Mist looks like any essential oil hydrasol that I’ve seen, and so I took the cap off and sprayed my arm, wanting to experience what I thought would be a variation on a lavender or rose spray. How wrong I was! I was immediately enveloped in what smelled like smoke from some ancient resinous incense. Incredible, and so beautiful.

This blend synergizing Sacred White Sage, Canadian Red Cedar, Desert Sage, Douglas Fir, and Pine offers a potent, smokeless smudging alternative to the conventional burning of sacred plants. Physical space is cleared and sanctified. Spirit is honoured and raised.

VIBRATIONAL ATTUNEMENTS: purification, sanctification, protection

SHAMANIC MESSAGE: I renew myself and my physical space(s) for my highest and best; I am honoured.

Ideal for spiritual cleansing, prayer, meditation, waxing moons, balancing chakras and etheric expansion.

I love to spray the Sacred Smudge around the house at the end of a long day and it feels calming and centers me. It’s one of the most interesting and innovative beauty products I’ve tried in a long time, and that’s saying a lot. Trimaran Botanicals is one of those natural/clean beauty lines that is elegant, with quality ingredients and formulations versus the old health food store standbys – which are fine for what they are! Niche is interesting, and brands make their own rules.  I love the empowering message of Trimaran as well – connecting with ourselves and the world around us, spiritually and physically. The ritual of our beauty routines are a form of self love that is important and nurturing. These products all impart a sense of calm as well as being highly effective.


Trimaran Botanicals Sacred Smudge Mist
Trimaran Botanicals Sacred Smudge Mist Spray $48 CAD


Trimarin Botanicals Facial Cream for dry, mature and sensitive skin is incredible and healing. It is a bit rich for my whole face, so I use it around my eyes and on my neck and décolletage. My husband has drier skin than I do, and this cream is perfect for him, especially after a day skiing or just out in the weather. It is fragranced, and it’s a rather intense scent but it’s not cloying. The myrrh gives it a magical twist with that incense of the ancients vibe and is awesome. Perfect for skin that needs extra moisture, and it adds a lovely plump glow.

This rich cream synergizing Carrot and Myrrh offers grounding and rebalance for skin in need of extra nourishment and care. Skin is revived, deeply hydrated and conditioned. Spirit is luminous.

ATTUNEMENTS: potentiality, renewal, reflection

SHAMANIC MESSAGE: I am filled with wonder and delight

Trimaran Botanicals Facial Cream Dry Mature Sensitive
Trimaran Botanicals Facial Cream: Dry Mature Sensitive $118 CAD


The Trimarin Good Vibes Body Elixirs are D I V I N E! Of course I love a good body oil/elixir/treatment and these are amazing. I have Adoration and it’s a gorgeous mix of approximately eighteen oils, some for fragrance, that makes skin smell delicious and giving it a healthy dewy glow. My skin drinks it up, and it’s perfect for skin baring weather. All skin looks better when it’s moisturized and glowing. It’s easy to do. About Adoration:

The Adoration varietal encourages trust in one’s own spiritual experience, inviting the third eye and crown chakras to vibrate in love, peace, and kindness. This creation synergizing Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Benzoin, Myrrh, and Cedarwood is formed to uplift, expand, and encourage the authentic, compassionate, higher self to emerge from within. Skin is exalted. Spirit is at peace.

VIBRATIONAL ATTUNEMENTS: peace, compassion, encouragement

SHAMANIC MESSAGE: I connect with my feelings and needs; I am love.

Ideal for times when compassion and empathy are in need.

Good Vibes Body Elixir Adoration $44 CAD
Good Vibes Body Elixir Adoration $44 CAD

This is the kind of beauty collection that should be experienced and savoured. The skincare products I have are quite rich so I don’t use them every day, but it’s a treat when I do. It’s good for our souls to take time out for ourselves, to close our eyes and run our fingers around our faces, and doing it with love.

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