Trind Keratin Treatment – Saving Weak Nails

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. My nails get strong and healthy, then I go and do something dumb to ruin them. I use a bad nail product, decide it’s time to scrub bathroom tiles with no rubber gloves, garden, or do copious amounts of dishwashing with hot water and no gloves. I have a large collection of moisturizing and strengthening base coats, but wanted to try something different. I’d read goo things about the Trind brand on a few nail blogs, and it sounded like nothing I had tried before. So I was quite excited to receive samples of Trind, and not a moment too soon, I might add!

One of things I’ve been reading lately regarding nail health has been the application of moisture directly to the nail and then polish applied over the treatment. It sounds counterintuitive, as we’ve been taught to strip our nails dry before putting on any polish. Because our polish won’t stay on the nails, right? So we strip our nails, often with acetone or alcohol, leaving dry and vulnerable. Trind has developed a dual system – the Trind Keratin Treatment.

Tippi Hedren, goddess of long gorgeous nails
Tippi Hedren, goddess of long gorgeous nails

From their website:

With the Trind Keratin Nail Treatment kit we provide a chemical free solution for thin, brittle and chipped nails. It is a mild solution that treats the most sensitive nails that have been damaged by wearing artificial nails or from the use of medicines or other environmental influences.

Trind Keratin Nail Treatment is not as quick of a solution as the Trind Nail Repair. It takes approximately 4 weeks to realize the effect. However, for those of you that are sensitive to traditional nail strengtheners and fortifiers this is the product for you. It will repair your heavily damaged, brittle and thin nails perfectly.

 Trind Keratin Treatment combines two products that are used together to strengthen the nails:

Trind Nail Restorer is a light semi transparent liquid and has to be applied on the nails daily. Let soak for two minutes and then rub-in the excess of product into the nail and surrounding skin.

Trind Nail Protector: In order to preserve the beneficial effects of Trind Keratin Nail Restorer, we created the Trind Keratin Nail Protector. This liquid product must also to be applied like a top coat. It keeps the “goodies” of the restorer within the nails and protects the nail against outside everyday influences from exposure to the environment. It also contains keratin and can be used as is, or as a base coat for colored nail polish.

My daughter and I have been using the treatment for almost three weeks, and we are both already noticing a difference in our nails. I love the way my nails feel after applying the Nail Restorer – this is liquid that one applies first. After letting it soak in, I rub in the excess to the nails and cuticles. You see an immediate improvement in the appearance of your nails. Then, I apply the Nail Protector, which I have been using as my base coat. So far, I am impressed. Next up, I plan to try Trind Nail Balsam and Nail Repair kit.

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Another thing I love – Trind’s packaging! The bottles are gorgeous, with a retro throwback design that reminds me of the elgant Cutex bottles from the 70s. I remember coveting them from my friend’s older sisters and from babysitters, and thinking they were just so ladylike.

Trind products are sold online and at authorized salons, listed on their website.

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