Turn Back Time With Live Clean Age Resist Haircare Line

I love Live Clean – their hair products are gentle and effective, and I always have them in my shower. My daughter has sensitivities to sulphates, and my younger daughter has oily scalp – and both have colour treated hair that tends to dryness. The Live Clean Professional Damage Therapy Repair line and the Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying line are staples. Besides doing what they promise, the products feel luxurious and smell good.


The Age Resist organic hair care line includes shampoo, conditioner, a 10-in-1 treatment and a nutrition oil that target and address the symptoms of aging hair such as dryness, breakage, dullness and changes in texture. Free of, paraben, phthalate and phosphates, as with all Live Clean products. What really appealed to me was the 10-in-1 Treatment Cream, and how it promises to smooth and soften with a plant based silicone alternative. I have a difficult relationship with silicone and prefer to not use it if possible. Silicone builds up in the hair, and just like in our ecosystem, does not break down. It also leaves a large carbon footprint. Live Clean’s plant-based silicone alternative smooths and softens without the weight.

The Age Resist 10 in 1 is a real winner! It’s perfect for smooth and straight blow outs, and also for working silky soft waves! I have been using the shampoo and conditioner and love them as well. They make my hair soft and clean without weighing it down. One of the best parts is the scent – it is similar to the Professional Damage Therapy Repair line. It reminds me a bit of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. So pretty!

As natural as Robert Redford washing your hair with rainwater.

This line is definitely not limited to ageing hair, but is for anyone with hair that needs some gentle TLC. My daughters use it too when their hair needs some love. Verdict – LOVE! I get Live Clean at the drugstore, and I think Walmart carries it as well.

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  1. torontoskincareguide

    I bought the shampoo and conditioner last week and love them both! In the winter my hair feels like a brilo pad:-/

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