Use This: Body Lotion, But On Your Face

Oh my oily skin, it’s occasional zits and slightly enlarged pores. While I appreciate the benefits of oily skin, like less wrinkling and naturally dewy skin as we age, my skin still needs a little help staying under control with regards to breaking out and shine. I also take care not to strip my skin by over cleansing and using harsh chemicals like benzoyl peroxide to fight acne. I have used salicylic acid products with some success in the past, but often the formulas have been spot treatments that work best at night and not under makeup, or just cleansers or toners that only stay on the skin for a short time that the effectiveness of the salicylic acid is limited.

I’ve always loved the line, and our house has always had the Hydrating Cleanser (dry, sensitive skin) and the Foaming Facial Cleanser (perfect for oilier skins) in the house, and make sure my daughters do as well. They’re both effective cleansers to use after an oil cleanse (to remove makeup) or just on their own. Speaking of micellar water, CeraVe jumped on that train as well, and I love their Hydrating Micellar Water! It takes off every last bit of makeup, without drying out my skin.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

But I’m here for my CeraVe favs – the classic Moisturizing Cream and the new-ish Renewing SA Lotion. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is a must have for all households. Chock full of hyaluronic acids and essential ceramides, CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is perfect for all your moisture needs. I use it head to toe, and especially love it on my body after a shower. It’s fragrance free which allows my perfumes to be centre stage and not compete. Another fragrance tip: did you know perfume lasts longer on moisturized skin? Fragrance and perfume evaporate so quickly on dry papery skin, due to the alcohol content, and can also make your skin drier. Apply your fragrance to well moisturized skin to make it last longer and to keep your skin dewy all day long. I love using CeraVe after the shower when my skin is still damp, its perfect and gentle enough for right after shaving. I also love using it on my hands at bedtime as a deep moisture treatment for my hands and cuticles.

CeraVe SA Lotion is a whole other thing and I freaking LOVE it! My dear friend Trésor first told me about it in one of our many skincare dish sessions. She got the scoop from one of the many celeb makeup artists in her circle, and, dear reader, I have never looked back. CeraVe SA Lotion is a body lotion intended to help exfoliate dead skin but who knows and I don’t care because my face loves it. Its has three (1,3 and 6-11) essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid and provides all day hydration. Salicylic acid and a small amount of lactic acid exfoliate, soften, and smooth skin as well as keeping fine lines, clogged pores and mild acne at bay. Yes, you read that. I love it so much my daughters have it now as well and all of us cannot imagine being without it. I use it morning and night and my skin could not be happier. I use it after all my serums, and under a heavier moisturizing cream if I’m treating my skin. It’s perfect under makeup, doesn’t pill, is fragrance free and at around $15 CAD for an 8oz bottle, it’s super affordable.

Get your CeraVe goodness at your local pharmacy or Walmart. Find a store near you here.

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  1. scentedpapers

    I am so happy to read your review of CeraVe SA Lotion because when I saw the ingredient list, it looked like it would be great for the face! What a hidden gem. Thanks for the great review, Jane! I can’t wait to stock up the next time I’m back in the States.

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