Want long, lush eyelashes? Get Vichy Serum 10 For Eyes & Lashes

You probably know by now that I am a huge fan of Vichy skincare. It soothes, beautifies, and generally makes everything better. I need to state again how much I love their Serum 10 for Eyes & Lashes. I see results, as I do with all Vichy products. They deliver on their promises. Vichy Serum 10 for Eyes & Lashes promises anti-aging, soothing, and illuminating for the delicate skin around the eye, and conditioning the lashes to allow them to grow longer and be thicker. And it does all of those things. I ran out of my Serum 10 for Eyes & Lashes for a few weeks – you’d be amazed how easy it is to do this when you have the amount of skincare that I do – and noticed they were not as lush as they had been! Tears! So I have it again and I will never be without it. Vichy seemed to like what I had to say about it, as they used a quote of mine (under “Journalists and bloggers are raving about it” in photo below) to launch and promote the serum at stores throughout Canada!

BOITE_HEX_4.5x11 serum 10 yeux

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  1. Nina R.

    Could you please give some tips on exactly how to use this product. I have it and find it rather drying under my eyes. Should I use a cream on top? Should I use it twice a day? The directions really didn’t help. Thank you!

  2. dalybeauty

    Nina – I use it as a serum under my everyday eye treatment. I rub it into my lashes and whatever is left I gently tap into the skin around my eyes. I wait a few a minutes for it to sink in, then apply my eye cream. I would agree that it is too light to use on it’s own as an eye cream.

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