Weirdly Beautiful: Les Khakis de Chanel Khaki Vert Nailpolish

If you are into nail polish and beauty, you know the massive cult appeal of Chanel’s limited edition releases. Some make it into their permanent collection and others just sell out as soon as they hit the counters. Les Khakis de Chanel was a much anticipated collection- photos and swatches of the lovely muted colours have been circulating on the internet beauty blogs for months. I got the edgy Particuliere in the spring, and even managed to scoop a bottle of the oh-so-pretty Rose Confidentiel last month. Both are beautiful muted soft colours- the perfect “griege” and the perfect “dusty rose” as only Chanel can do. The Chanel nail polish formulas are rich and perfect. Sometimes on coat is all you need and the application is flawless.
I have been looking for a green polish that I could wear without feeling like a kid- sounds like an oxymoron, right? Don’t ask me why green, as with any make up obsession there is no rhyme or reason- I just knew Chanel Khaki Vert was the green I needed . Maybe it is the oddly grey hue of green, the dusty feel to the color, that seems just right somehow. There is no question it is seasonal, and utterly perfect for fall. So….WANT. But therein lies the rub- this collection is nowhere to be found. Unless you are my intrepid friend who tracked down the last bottle of Khaki Vert on the west coast while she was on business in Seattle. Did I say saintly friend? So, it made it to my collection, and even my daughter Biddy swooned when we took it out of the box. We immediately did manis and have been admiring our hands ever since.


We were shopping yesterday and one of my favourite amazingly chic and stylish salesgirls grabbed my hand as I was paying, “Is that the Chanel Khaki Vert nail polish?”, she asked, breathlessly. I told her yes…she asked me how did I find it? That she searched high and low….then, she showed me her hand and of course, she was wearing it too. 

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