Weleda Skin Food Saved My Hungry Skin

You know those cult products- the ones that beauty editors all love and that folks in the know always have handy? Weleda Skin Food is one of those and it has long been on my Get This And Try It List. Well, try it I did, and let me say I’m so glad I did. Skin Food is full of all kinds of good stuff for your skin, like vitamin E from organic sunflower oil, organic pansy, rosemary, and calendula- a cocktail of healing moisturizing goodness. Weleda has been in the skincare business since 1921 and are named after the Celtic goddess of wisdom and healing- they have earned their reputation for excellence.
I took it on the ultimate moisture test- a three hour flight…starting in -25 C temperatures with bone dry central heating. I know, right? Yuck. So I started a few nights before flying by applying Skin Food to my hands, elbows and knees at night. I love the soft citrusy herbal (rosemary) scent- it is gentle and natural and dissipates as the product melts into your skin- which it does. It feels kind of heavy at first and I was afraid it would remain greasy but that wasn’t an issue. Right away I noticed my cuticles and elbows were softer when I woke up. So I started using it on my lips at night and throughout the day as I started carrying Skin Food in my bag, and again, it really moisturizes, not just coats or sits on top of skin. 
Go ahead- dig in. Your skin will thank you.
I started using it on little rough spots, those pesky little pimples that take forever to heal, and my feet. The difference is astounding and it is easily one of the most effective and healing moisturizers I have ever used. The rough spots disappear, and any little cuts or pimples heal up quickly. I have a scar on my foot from surgery in the fall and the doctor recommended vitamin E to help diminish the scar- Skin Food is working it’s magic on that as well. After a holiday in the sun and sea, I would use Skin Food around my eyes, on my neck and décolletage and my skin is left dewy and moist. I am officially addicted to this stuff and now have one in my purse and my bedside table. It adds a nice glow to skin and is wonderful as a gentle highlighter when dabbed on the cheek or under the browbone. It’s a nice feeling to know you are using something gentle, natural and healing to bring out your own beauty….
At under $20 for a 75ml tube, this will last a long while, as it is so rich and gorgeous, a little goes a long way. Weleda products are available for sale on their website, at health food stores and pharmacies. 

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