Spring Smells Like Lily of The Valley, Cherries and Flowers

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When the snow starts to melt, and our heavy coats get put aside in favour of lighter wear, it’s time to switch up things like skincare, hair care and of course, perfume. Our rich and cozy winter scents start to smell a bit heavy and it’s time to bring a little sunshine into our lives. Certain floral notes really evoke springtime – lilies, lily of the valley, hyacinth and other such bulb flowers. And of course, my beloved green notes! Green is fresh, green is new leaves, and grass….for me, it’s easy to be green!

Here are some lovely perfumes that would be beautiful in any springtime perfume wardrobe!

LUSH Sikkim Girls Perfume

LUSH Sikkim Girls: Oh, wow, is this a yummy jasmine beachy perfume! I read Beautyeditor rave about it, and knowing that she loves her yummy jasmines as much as I do, just knew it had to be mine!  It is basically just flowers- jasmine, frangipani, and tuberose, on a lovely soft blanket of vanilla, and that is all it needs to be. It is sexy and sultry, which makes sense. LUSH says “Inspired by the Sikkim girls, soft sirens who seduced a Darjeeling café owner’s son-in-law, simply with the subtle and sensual sway of their bodies.” Well, alrighty then, I’ll take two, please!

Kenzo Madly EDT

Kenzo Madly Kenzo Eau de Toilette: This is the perfect spring/summer version of the original Madly Kenzo in eau de parfum. It has delicate floral notes in the heart, but really wears like a sparkling clean fresh sunny day. I wouldn’t say soapy or like laundry exactly, but if you like clean scents, this one is lovely. The pear and litchi notes  are perfect for warmer weather and the word that comes to mind when I smell this is “ahhh”. It’s available at Sephora for around $92 for an 80ml bottle.

Escada Cherry In The Air

Escada Cherry In The Air: Ok this is really a guilty pleasure. I read about this release and ever since I just wanted to sniff it. The idea of a cherry perfume really appeals to me – cherries- cherry blossoms – spring. Reasonable, right? I do love my Guerlain Cherry Blossom, and have since wanted to find more cherry perfume! So I finally wandered into Sephora and got a sample of this- and guess what? It smells like cherries! Cherries with a soft woodsy musk dry down – more like cherry soap than cherry pie, which is just fine by me.  Simple and uncluttered, and, well, pretty. It’s available at Sephora for around $56 for a 50ml bottle.

Banana Republic W

Banana Republic “W”: Boy, I bet some of my readers are surprised to see this one listed! Jane Daly, fancy perfume fanatic, loves Banana Republic’s original perfume for women? Well, dear readers, yes I do. This is my secret perfume weapon – when I don’t feel like wearing anything that smells specifically like anything, but just smells like clean skin, “W” is the one I turn to. With a leafy citrus top, and a non-specific floral heart – going out on a limb here, suggesting lily of the valley? Jasmine? And then a simple woodsy (cedar?) musk base, “W” just smells clean and pretty. I read years ago in Vanity Fair that Bobbi Brown considered it the “perfect clean perfume”, and that she wished she had created it. I love it too. At around $50 for a 100ml bottle, you can hardly go wrong.

What are your favourite spring or summer perfumes?


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