Everything’s Coming Up Roses

I love all things rose, as my regular readers know, so was very happy to add some more gorgeous rose products to my collection. I also love oils – for my face, for my hair and for my body, so the fact that I have found a perfect combination of the two things I love so dearly. Both of these rose products are unique in that the scent is sweet, simple and slightly fruity. Most rose products in recent history have been slightly “dark” and are slightly heavier with woodsy notes like patchouli grounding them and adding depth. These are pretty enough but my taste has turned to lighter scents lately…

aftelier rose body oil hair elixir

Aftelier Perfumes is the award winning niche perfume house where founder Mandy Aftel makes and offers scented delights from perfume, to body, skin and hair oils, to chef’s essences (how amazing do those sound!). I love her award winning Honey Blossom (my review here) and consider it to be the most perfect and delicate honey scent I’ve ever tried. Mandy is a master of nuance and all things gentle, which is something I adore in my scents, so it’s really a match made in heaven. I recently got to try a sample of her Rose Body Oil & Hair Elixir  and it’s official – I’m in love. The scent is a soft sweet honeyed rose, and it brings to mind a fruity rose, almost like a rose jam. Wow. It smells so pretty and yummy I want to lick my arms. From Aftelier’s site, the base is “a nourishing non-greasy base of moisturizing jojoba oil and fractionated coconut oil. This lightweight formula absorbs easily, immediately moisturizing, softening, and conditioning. Damp hair is the most vulnerable to frizz: our oil won’t weigh hair down and seals the cuticle to prevents moisture from creating frizz.” I can attest to all of things, and add “it makes your hair smell like heaven.” The oil/elixir has a lovely silky texture, but is not a “dry oil”. Instead, it just leaves behind a soft glow, with an equally soft scent. If you wanted a rose scent that is light and perfect for office wear, you could just use this oil. I need more Rose Body Oil & Hair Elixir, because I can get used to hair and skin that smells like sweet honeyed roses. A large 105ml bottle is $60.

Body Shop wild-rose-hand-cream

The perfect addition to my hand cream collection is the latest offering from The Body Shop, their Wild Rose Hand Cream. It is a much lighter texture than their famous Hemp Hand Cream, which is very thick and rich, as well as heavily scented. The Wild Rose Hand Cream has almost a whipped texture and is immediately absorbed into the skin. This makes it easy to use on the run, as you aren’t all greased up while you wait for your hand cream to soak in, and you’re left with soft skin that is softly scented with a sweet simple rose scent. It has rosehip oil, which helps even out skin tone. This is a real winner for The Body Shop, and I would love to see a full line of body products with this scent! I have the large tube, which is around $20 if it isn’t on sale.

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