I’m Not Really A Dilettante, But I Play One On The Internet

Pure Color DilettanteI have been lusting after the Estée Lauder Nail Lacquers for some time. The bottles look like jewels or crystal ice cubes, and the colours are rich and delicious. Tom Pecheux, world renowned make up artist and the Creative Makeup Director for Estée Lauder,  has waved a magic wand over their colour collections and their recent nail polish colours have been magical.

The pastel tones from their Heavy Petals Collection for Spring 2013 are all gorgeous, and it was so hard to choose just one! I’m pretty sure I will end up back at the Lauder counter – Coral Cult and Lilac Leather are calling to me. I fell hard for Dilettante, the turquoise blue shade that reminds me of the old Youth Dew perfume bottle, and of course, the iconic blue Estée Lauder packaging. It covered perfectly in 2 coats, but like many “chalky” colours, it seems it could use a second coat of glossy top coat, as it has a slightly matte finish. Verdict? Love!

edited dilettante swatch
The colour is more of a dusty turquoise in real life – soft, not this vivid.
dilettante tiffany
This was taken at night, but it’s a great match!

Estée Lauder Pure Colour nail polish is available at Lauder make up counters for around $25.

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