Acqua di Parma Profumo is Oh So Beautiful

I seem to recall trying Acqua di Parma Profumo several years ago and having a lukewarm reaction. It must have been on one of my marathon sniffing days when I had already tried 20 or more perfumes and had olfactory exhaustion. The Acqua di Parma perfume house was created in 1916 and is best known for the eponymous Colonia scent, much loved and worn by men and women around the world. I adore Colonia, and finally got myself the slightly more floral version, Assoluta, recently. Luckily, I sprizted some Profumo eau de parfum on last month while meandering through the shops at the Breakers in Palm Beach. I literally spent the rest of the day with my wrist jammed up my nose. It has the air of a classic vintage perfume, when oakmoss was used with abandon and perfume enhanced your own scent vs. creating a toxic cloud of  synthetic laundry musks that so many newer offerings do today.
Presentation is stunning with the white silk covered box.. 
Glass lid weighs a ton & is etched with Acqua di Parma seal

I love to find a newer scent that does something different and Profumo eau de parfum meets that criteria and then some. The notes for Profumo are different depending where you look but this list compiled online makes the most sense to my nose:
Top: bergamot, ylang-ylang & peony
Heart: jasmine, rose, iris, French labdanum & amber
Base: oakmoss, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood & musk
The harmony created by these notes is impossible to put into words. There is a gentle spice in the top notes that isn’t listed anywhere but has hints of cinnamon to me. I can’t imagine wearing a cinnamon perfume so when I say a “hint” that is what I mean. More of an illusion of spice than, say, Opium like spice, so if you are not a spicy perfume lover, fear not.  This is a gentle warm scent with delicate sillage. It is not a bombastic perfume that will enter the room before you do and stay after you leave. Someone will have to lean is to smell this one, and they will be rewarded with a sensual scent like no other. The flowers are so smooth and masterfully blended it is almost impossible to pick them out. I can smell the jasmine but that is probably because it is my favorite floral note. The warm oakmoss-y sandalwood base is probably the best part of this scent. I would say it is definitely unisex- my friend Kevin describes the effect of wearing Profumo as “trance-like” and I must say that I agree wholeheartedly. 
Acqua di Parma perfumes are available at Holt Renfrew in Canada and at multiple retailers in the US including being Sephora online exclusive.

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