Beautiful Glitter In The Air by Deborah Lippmann*

Deborah Lippmann does glitter best! The glitter flakes in “Glitter in the Air” are pretty and sweet without being teenage-y. The octagonal shape of the larger flakes ensures that they will lay flat on the nailbed and the tiny flakes are the perfect subtle accents, not to mention the fact that it is very easy to apply (as opposed to many sparkle polishes). 
This sparkly polish is special without being flashy or costume-like. Actually, I did this manicure with a job interview in mind! It’s fun and unique without being overbearing and can be pulled off as a neutral (depending on number of coats). I did 4 coats (plus base and top coat) because I love how it looks milky, juicy, and cloudy with a hint of blue while still being sheer. Overall – this polish guarantees a delicate look with a hint of something special.
*Guest Post by my amazing daughter, Emilie- thanks Em! Your nails look awesome!

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