Baby Your Skin & Hair With Live Clean Baby

I’ve written before about how much I love Live Clean products. They are natural, SLS, paraben and phthalate free, as well as living up to what they claim to do. Simply and gently. After my last review I heard some buzz from my fellow beauty bloggers about their love for the Live Clean Baby Shampoo & Wash. Some said it was ideal for their sensitive skin, some said it helped soothe their eczema, all the while leaving behind the soft and lovely scent of babies. You know that scent- soft, powdery and clean. Just the scent of clean skin. 
Well, you can’t throw those claims around without me jumping on the bandwagon. And boy- am I glad I did. I have been using the Live Clean Baby as my shower gel. A few squeezes in on my shower puff and I feel softly cleansed from head to toe. I shampoo my hair with it from time to time and just love the way my hair smells afterward. It also is just so gentle and rinses out clean leaving my hair soft and silky, and not in the least bit dry or straw-like. It is also lovely to add a few squirts to the bath. It soothes the skin and leaves a touch of soft scent behind.
This is for the baby in the family, or for anyone who wants to baby their skin and hair. Live Clean Baby is available in Canada and the US at drugstores and Walmart. The baby line is the first Live Clean product line to make into the States and hopefully for my American readers the rest of the line will follow soon!

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