Photoshop For Real Life – Make Up Forever HG Powder

How have I not reviewed the amazing Make Up Forever HD Powder? Perhaps because it is such a necessity, I may sadly have taken it for granted. I got into a Twitter discussion about this last week and had such an overwhelming response of shared love for this, I figured it was time to discuss it. 
Make Up Forever ( hereafter known as MUFE) HD Powder is a loose powder that is white and promises to blur just about anything- pores, shine, lines, spots- you name it. Not only does it promise but it delivers.  I got my little jar (they are small…but honestly they last forever) at Sephora and use my own small fluffy brush to apply. When all other make up has been applied, a touch of the HD powder and BOOM! All flaws are gone. And I mean gone. I had to squint in the mirror the first time I used it as I could not believe how perfect my skin appeared. 
I tap a little bit of the powder into the lid, lightly dip the brush in, tap the brush, then “buff” it on, blending thoroughly.  I am generally not a fan of loose powder- messy and not klutz proof, but the little jars of MUFE HD Powder are pretty great. Turn it upside down with the cap on, tap the bottom of the jar with the brush, and you end up with “just enough” powder in the cap to dust down the t-zone. Perfect! Being basically just pure silica, it leaves no trace of colour on the skin and truly works with every skin tone. I use it in place of translucent setting powder and the beauty is with MUFE HD Powder, I need less tinted moisturizer, less concealer- less everything.
But, as with all good things, there is a danger to HD Powder. Blending and a light hand are key, because this miracle stuff has an evil side. There is no pigment, so to speak, in HD Powder, but the silica in it can leave a very visible white cast in bright flash photography if blended judiciously. And even then, if the flash is close to your face and bright, well, there can be issues.  I know you’ve seen these photos of the stars that look like they stuck their face in a flour bag (or worse…) before heading out….YIKES.

That said, you will still have to pry my MUFE HD Powder from my cold dead hands. This stuff is amazing and really helps you feel polished and presentable when you may otherwise feel shiny and blotchy. Go from shiny or sweaty to cool as a cucumber in a few shakes of your jar. There is really no way to describe the wonderful effect this powder has, so I suggest you get to a Make Up Forever counter and get a demo. I got my powder at Sephora for $30, and they often have a wee size for around $17 that is perfect for purse, gym bag etc. It is one of the best cosmetic purchases. Evah.
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