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Oh my gosh Daly Beauty told me I needed it!
Funny….I was leafing through the March 2012 edition (the one with the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston on the cover) of my Beauty Bible, aka In Style magazine, the other day and noticed something. Several of their beauty tips were things I had written about on Daly Beauty over the past few months. So, either In Style is looking to Daly Beauty for beauty tips (wishful thinking) or great minds think alike. Here are some of the fun scoops that my readers got here first:
Candy Pink Nails: InStyle says on page 357 that bright fuchsia nails are the best antidote to the winter blues. Really? So did Daly Beauty in July of 2011 when I showed you how gorgeous Deborah Lippmann Between The Sheets is
Eyebrow Wows: InStyle has a 4 page editorial on how thick healthy eyebrows are in & thin & bleached out brows are weird. Hm. I believe I scooped this in December of 2011 when I told you that you would thank me for these brow tips…
Big Wavy Hair: On page 380 InStyle tells you how to bust out the big hair and get lovely bouncy waves. I knew this was the hair-DO for me before Christmas & posted my bouncin’ & behavin’ waves on Instagram here & in February I told you my styling secret to soft touchable wavy hair
Sweet Kissable Hot Pink Lips: Well this is almost embarrassing! On page 384 in InStyle’s Beauty Editor’s Picks, their senior beauty editor Angelique Serrano suggests the best sheer pink lip for the colour shy….really Angelique! Clearly great beauty minds think alike, as I suggested the exact same Clinique one…last month.
Rosy Pink Cheeks: Oh gosh…on page 394 InStyle suggests a gentle pink rosy blush for sweet pinched cheeks that don’t look clownish. I must say I wholeheartedly agree, as in January I shared my most beloved soft rose blush by Benefit...
So there you have it. If you are like me, you look forward every month to diving into the delicious beauty & fashion-o-rama of InStyle magazine. And now you know, you can tune into Daly Beauty for a preview of the fabulous trends that are coming….

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