Banish Winter Dry Skin & Just Be Touchable

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Ugh there is nothing like a cold Canadian winter. The temps dip below zero, the furnace cranks up, and everything becomes dry, crinkly and papery. I actually dry my laundry by draping it all over the place just to get extra moisture in the air. Showers and baths feel good because they are, well, water, and that is what our skin is missing, but we have to be careful to replenish and moisturize our skin once we dry off. I have a foolproof trio of goodies that are getting me through this nasty cold weather:


LUSH Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner: Dry skin? If you don’t have this stuff go get some stat. It is miraculous. Perfect post exfoliation in the shower, and ideal for shaving. Seriously, if you haven’t shaved your legs with Ro’s, you will be amazed. You almost don’t need lotion after the shower when you use Ro’s, and it smells like honey & roses. Protip: your underarms will thank you for this.

Lovefresh sugar scrub

Lovefresh Sugar Scrub: Scrub away flakes and alligator skin with Lovefresh Sugarscrub – really. I use this head to toe once a week or so and not only does it prep the skin for moisturuzing by leaving it smooth and silky, but it adds a magical moisturizing treatment to your skin. It smells like a sweet sugary treat but really leaves little scent behind on the skin. Protip: use it where you wax to avoid ingrown hairs. You know what I’m talking about.

lush dream cream

LUSH Dream Cream: The first LUSH product I fell in love with is still one of my absolute favourites. If you apply Dream Cream at bedtime your skin will still be moist and dewy in the morning. I apply it after the shower and when used with Ro’s, dry skin does not stand a chance! It smells like soft lavender and rose, but again, the scent dissipates and does not interfere with perfume or linger.

What are your cold weather soft skin secret weapons?

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