Barney’s Route du Thé Perfume Is Cool & Clean

I admit it, I like a clean perfume, one that makes me feel fresh and cool, like I just stepped out of the shower. I really enjoyed Clean Provence perfume, the one that smells like French milled soap, and it always got me lots of compliments. I also like the ultimate in fresh scrubbed perfumes, Estee Lauder White Linen. The American squeaky clean ideal, White Linen makes me feel immaculate and, well, almost divinely clean. I adore these kinds of scents the most in hot humid weather. But sometimes I want the cool and fresh without all the soapiness, as much as I love soapy scents.
Enter Barney’s Route du Thé. This lovely and simple perfume was created in the 80s, which is hard to believe given most of the heavy hitting perfumes that the 80s gave us. But, a soft and simple scent it is, and it is so soothing to wear.  The name, translated roughly to “way of the tea” implies more of a tea impression, rather than an outright tea perfume. It is nothing like the ubiquitous green tea scents that are everywhere in perfumes. I would say it is more like the wonderful unsweetened iced tea they serve in the southern US. This is not a sugary or creamy tea, but instead brings to mind the delicious unsweetened iced tea they serve in the southern US. Add a squeeze of lemon for tart refreshment and some fizzy soda water as well. The notes listed by Barney’s (who sell this scent exclusively) are citrus, muguet and amber. After the lemony iced tea blast softens, I do get a gentle fresh floral note, but it is so soft, and not overly feminine or girly at all. The amber…well perhaps a bit of a powdery note, and by bit I mean tiniest amount ever, settles in as the scent dries down. But not a sweet powder. There is almost an astringent aspect to this scent, which I suppose adds to the cooling sensation one gets. For such an ethereal impression of a perfume, Route du Thé lasts an amazingly long time on my skin, and that fresh feeling goes on and on…and on….

where I spent a good part of my Canada Day long weekend- ahhhhhh
You know those super hot days, and the only way to cool down is to dive into a cool lake and just float and swim until your mind clears and you just want to flop down on your towel, close your eyes and breath? And how the water evaporates slowly from your skin, and the breeze you could hardly feel before you dove in the lake now just kisses your skin with a cool touch? That is the kind of fresh Barney’s Route du Thé gives me. 

Barney’s Route du Thé is available exclusively at Barney’s NY and some Barney’s outlet stores.

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