I.C.O.N. India Line For Heavenly Hair

I love I.C.O.N. hair products- MESH Styling Cream (also known as the best curl cream ever) and CURE Conditioning Spray are permanent parts of my hair care routine and I can’t imagine not having them. Not only do they work perfectly, but they smell like heaven. I.C.O.N. is known for the beautiful scents they use in their hair care line, and it just enhances the incredible effectiveness of each product. I have been asked what perfume I am using when I wear MESH in my hair, of course usually only when someone is *that* close to my hair….

ICON India Oil Shampoo, Conditioner & a touch of serum does this.

I was keen to try their ICON India line after seeing it at my salon. After my stylist used the India shampoo and conditioner on my hair, I floated away on the gorgeous scent of ambery goodness and  silkiness left behind by the active ingredient, Moringa Oil. I knew they had to come home with me. They are the same gorgeous top quality products I have come to expect from ICON, and you can feel it the minute you pour it into your hands. ICON India Shampoo is thick and rich, with a pearly look to it, and even on my massive mop of hair, I only need to use the tiniest amount. The lather is medium, not crazy, and it rinses out beautifully, and my hair feels soft and smooth, not oily or matted. As Goldilocks would say, “just right”. And the sultry amber scent wafts in the steam of the shower. It is exotic and wonderful, sort of a woodsy amber, and would work wonderfully on a man as well. Not a “girly” scent, and frankly, it smells expensive.

The ICON India Conditioner is just as wonderful. It has a thick almost paste like consistency, yet melts into my hair beautifully. Again, an unbelievably small amount is all it takes. I apply it from mid point of my hair (around the ears) to the ends, massage it in as much as possible, then use a wide tooth comb to distribute it evenly. I like to do this right after shampooing, and that right after I get in the shower. Tip: this way I am able to leave the conditioner on for as long as possible while I go through the rest of the shower routine. So it’s like a mini deep conditioning treatment everytime I use it. It rinses out beautifully and my hair feels soft and bouncy. Tip: I often like to use a nickel sized amount of conditioner as a leave-in product, especially if my hair has been punished by sun, sea or pool water. I apply to the ends of my hair after I take my hair out of the towel, and scrunch it in, then comb through. This is helpful for dry or coarse hair, but would likely be too heavy for finer that hasn’t been abused by highlights.

I am seriously in love with the ICON India line! Stay tuned for my review of the India Oil serum (yes- I am using a serum….) and their India Healing Spray (just got it today!) which is a protein rich repairing leave in treatment. How exciting!

No frizz on a hot summer morning. Seriously, this is right out of bed.NO COMB.

I.C.O.N. India line and their other products are available online and from authorized salons.

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