Batiste Dry Shampoo Means Beautiful Hair Every Day

This is a Public Service Announcement for those of you who don’t have Batiste Dry Shampoo spray in your bathroom cabinets. People! You are blow drying more than necessary! Put down that blow dryer and read on…

Dry shampoo sprays are everywhere now. Every hair product company seems to have one out these days, as I think we have finally realized our unhealthy obsession with washing our hair too much and how too much blow drying and straightening is bad for our hair. I frankly like slightly dirty hair as it styles better and looks more natural. But flat greasy hair is Not Good and a dry shampoo is a perfect solution. I have tried two kinds- a hair powder and a powdery spray. I prefer the spray as it allows more control of the product and you can direct it right at your roots where it is needed.  A nice wide pouffe of spray is also good as it covers more hair and is less concentrated in one area. This is a good thing because these are powdery products and overuse can give you whitish grey roots. Although for blondes, it really helps when those roots start to look darker when you haven’t shampooed.

Most dry shampoos range in price from around $7 (the WORST, TreSemme, made my hair look dirtier and smelled like plastic melons)-  to around $30 (Ojon and Oscar Blandi- good but not better than Batiste, why pay more?). I have wanted to review Batiste for awhile but wanted to try a few before doing so. I have tried around 7 of them and finally gave up. Not one was better than Batiste, and at around $8 I will happily stay with this one. It is an older product that has been around for “ages” but I couldn’t find out exactly when it was launched. I have contacted the company and hope to hear from them. The Original Batiste spray has a soft lemon scent (think Jean Nate) that disappears within minutes of application. The Blush is more floral but again, quite benign and doesn’t last long enough to interfere with any perfume you might be wearing. However they both are effective at making your hair smell and look clean and fresh. A great way to eliminate cooking smells as well.

One terrific added benefit of Batiste is that it adds texture and body/thickness to your hair. That 70s semi matte natural yet slightly big hair look that is everywhere this season is helped along wonderfully with Batiste!  The biggest proponent of Batiste is my daughter Emilie. She has fine silky gorgeous hair but an oily scalp that contributes to flat hair if not washed all. The. Time. I have seen her wash her hair twice a day because it make her so crazy. Since Batiste she can go three to four days. Seriously.

If you are like me, you spend time and/or money getting that gorgeous blow dry. And, I don’t have time to do that every morning. Grab yourself a cute vintage-y looking shower cap and leave that shampoo for another time! A few spritzes of Batiste and your hair is fresh as a daisy. Now go get some, you will thank me for it!

I got my Batiste at Shoppers Drug Mart but Sally Beauty has it and I have even seen it at Winners for $6.

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