Goody Spirals into a Beautiful Bun

Hot on the heels of my Goody Modern Updo pin, Spin Pins (review coming soon) is the Goody Simple Styles Bun Spiral pin, pictured above next to the mini Spin Pins. Isn’t it neat? It is so new and hot that it hasn’t even made it onto the Goody website yet or I would link to it J Anyhow, those of you with longish to long hair probably do a pony tail or the messy bun in an elastic band trick when you want your hair up. Fine and functional, but not really pretty. I love the look of a bun but find the struggle with bobby pins a bit much, and even if I buy some, I rarely have enough on hand to make a nice bun. It just feels, well, formal, and requires more work than I am up for.
I feel like Black Swan kicked off a ballet style fashion kick that I love. Soft and feminine without any of the countless hours of practice or sore toes. I covet the cashmere outfits that Natalie Portman wore and love the elegant look of the ballet bun. It showcases the neck, making it look long and, well, swan-like- in a good way not a crazy way. The bun is a perfect look coming into warmer weather and a stylish and chic way to deal with a bad hair day.
slightly messy with a rogue section but I love it!
So the Simple Styles Bun Spiral pin is super cool and makes a pretty bun a no brainer. The way I used it is to start with a pony tail, high up on the back of my head. Using a wide tooth comb or fingers I back comb the pony to give it some texture then twist loosely into a bun shape. I squish the bun through the Bun Spiral (with the red tips facing down) and twist and turn the pin clockwise until it hits scalp. It doesn’t pull or pinch and holds even my thick heavy mop in place. I suppose if I was plié-ing and pas-de-deux-ing around it might wiggle loose but for my purposes it works perfectly!
I can hardly believe I made this bun in less than 2 minutes!
One of my favourite things about the Simple Styles line is that they are metal. My hair is thick and I have lost track of the number of plastic hair accessories that have just snapped into pieces while I try to secure them in place. Not an issue with a solid metal piece, this will last forever. There is nothing to snag or pull on your hair so it is gentle and comfortable. Verdict? Love.
see how cute? easy to toss in my purse


As with all the Goody Simple Styles tools, this comes in light or dark colours to best compliment your hair, and in Canada is available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart (where I got mine) for around $7. I saw them on sale for $2.99 at Shoppers last week though so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for deals. Have you tried the Goody Simple Styles tools?

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