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This summer, Guerlain released a set of skincare they call My Supertips and they are brilliant! Designed to simplify our lives and offer quick and effective solutions to our everyday issues. Sold separately you will probably decide that you need them all.  Each tube of product is $35 CA and offers 15ml of product. Considering that a 30ml bottle of Guerlain Midnight Secret serum is around $145 CA, getting 15ml of this incredible potion for $35 is a total deal.



Guerlain Radiance in a Flash has become an essential product for me! It instantly adds radiant moisture, tightens skin and illuminates skin. I love to use it under my makeup for a healthy glow and on it’s own on a no makeup day. One of my favourites uses is to use Radiance in a Flash on my face at the end of a long day to refresh my skin for a night out. A little of this, then a quick tap of some Les Meteorites Powder and my skin looks fresh as a daisy!

The gorgeous Guerlain Radiance in a Flash in sunlight
The gorgeous Guerlain Radiance in a Flash in sunlight


Guerlain Crème SOS is exactly that – a soothing comfort rescue balm to soothe dry irritated skin. I have used it on a pimple that turned into something worse (I picked!) and at night as a treatment for skin that saw a bit too much sun and wind during the day. This ultra-nourishing Guerlain cream combats dry, tight skin and other sources of discomfort. The protective formula provides long-lasting hydration, immediately soothing and comforting skin affected by tiredness, stress and external conditions. Apply SOS in the morning or the evening to give your skin a break or whenever it needs some cocooning.

Guerlain Super Lips Lip Hero is amazing and my new go-to lip balm. It repairs and protects lips instantly, leaving them soft, smooth and replumped in a single application. Lips are regenerated, smoothed and repaired.

Guerlain Midnight Secret contains the Guerlain Midnight Secret formula to help you recover from lack of sleep. A cocktail of effective ingredients helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness and smooth away visible signs of tiredness so you wake up looking rested, with a revitalized complexion and smoother skin. I have always loved Midnight Secret and love having a small handy tube of this magical elixir to bring me back from the dead a hangover a crappy night’s sleep. Skin recovers during the night, so it’s the perfect time to apply this magical beauty.



There is a Stop Spot cream as well, but I don’t believe it is sold in Canada. It is the Super Tips version of their Crème Camphréa. At any rate, I love this Guerlain Beauty Survival Kit and plan on keeping in my beauty arsenal!

Guerlain Super Tips are available at Guerlain counters and at Sephora

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