Truly Yours Reisa Perfume: I’m Addicted To This Jasmine-Tuberose Beauty

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Readers or Daly Beauty know I love me some jasmine, tuberose, orange blossom, tiare and gardenia. White floral perfumes are my kryptonite and they render me weak at the knees. It might have something to do with how much I love summer and tropical climates. Anything that smells like a lush white blossom blooming in the sun, or even better, at night, calls to me and wants to me on my skin. They can be intense and sexy like Frederic Malle Carnal Flower or soft and airy like L’Artisan Parfumeur La Chasse aux Papillons. I love them both, but tend to prefer the softer ones. Case in point would be the Carnal Flower Hair Mist, which is divine and I prefer it to the perfume.

Truly Yours Perfume Reisa review

So along comes Reisa by Truly Yours Perfumes, the niche luxury scent you’ll thank me for sharing with you. The notes from Truly Yours:

“Reisa opens with a bright citrus top note of Italian bergamot accented by the sheer floral softness of lime blossom. Its lush, full bodied floral middle note accord of tuberose, orange blossom, jasmine, and stargazer lily is supported by notes of warmth and depth. Anchored with a hint of woody oud, prized for centuries for its complexity and romance, adds a sensuous depth and builds endless mystery, dancing among sweet vanilla and modern patchouli. This sexy base note accord is as feminine and sensual as the woman who wears it! However you wear Reisa, make it truly yours.”

Right off the bat, the top notes of Reisa make me think of the beach on a tropical night. Not sunscreen tropical. More like the dark tropical loveliness of a scent like Monyette Paris, which features a whisper of sexy nag champa along with the tropical florals- mostly gardenia – but the nag champa makes it something different. And the airy tropical impression of tiare, without actually being tiare.



Reisa is different in that it feels more lush and layered than Monyette, which makes sense as Monyette is a simple perfume oil – lovely but simple. The tuberose at times reminds me a bit of Costume National So Nude, but MUCH softer and much more refined. Reisa’s white flowers are lush and airy at the same time, like a soft sweet breeze is blowing through. There is a warmth conveyed as it dries down, like warm skin out of a bath that was strewn with jasmine and orange blossoms. Really.

What I love most is Reisa’s treatment of oud. Oud can be, to my nose, sterile and masculine if it’s in high doses. It can also high jack a perfume that is made up of delicate floral notes. In Reisa, the oud combines perfectly with the vanilla for what smells to me like softly sugared incense. Doesn’t that sound heavenly? Trust me. It IS heavenly, like a gift of pure white flowers on a soft cloud of nag champa. There’s a touch of *soapiness that is likely orange blossom and musks, which I adore. When friends smell Reisa the reaction is always “omg what is that gorgeous fragrance!”.

Look at those tanned shoulders and those tiered peasand skirts….they should be wearing Reisa…



You can buy Truly Yours Reisa perfume on their website and these California boutiques.


*side note: I love soapy notes in perfume because for me, it always brings the scent back to the skin. Freshly bathed skin. This is a delicate old fashioned soapy smell, not the perfumes that smell like laundry detergent copies (they are). This is an innocent cleanliness that is made sexy by the skin and musk aspect.

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