Benefit Sun Beam Is Shining Bright On My Winter Skin

I am a huge fan of Benefit’s Highlighters aka Glowy Complexions In A Bottle line. Moon Beam and High Beam were among my first purchases from the line. These were in the days that Benefit was an exotic line only available in the United States. Well, I still love the  and consider Benetint to be one of the best cosmetic prodz ever, and am only happier that Benefit is now readily available in Canada. There is wonderful sense of fun and humour in Benefit Cosmetics that manages to make fun of our make up obsession while celebrating it at the same time. Love it.

A sweet golden glow…a la Bardot…not Jersey Shore, right?

Left is indirect light, right is under my skylight…

Sun Beam is the latest from Benefit’s Highlighter collection. It imparts a little bit of bronzing and a light tan colour with a glowy, lit-from-within shimmer. The beauty of Benefit highlighters is you can start out with just a touch for a subtle effect or go full on glam. They can be mixed with your foundation or moisturizer or just dot on and blend. Sun Beam gives a natural sun-kissed radiance that compliments all skintones. It is a lovely warm tone that is a little bit easier to blend and control than a powder bronzer. I even love it with a little clear gloss on the lips- it is a gorgeous golden tone that just gives everything a nice bronzed glow.

Well, pretty much the perfect peachy gold pout…

Sun Beam with a bit of clear Lip Fusion…
I love the little pick me up I get from a bronze-y glow in the depths of a Canadian winter. We all need to shine a light, sometimes, right?

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