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I’ve been meaning to post about Live Clean shampoos for awhile now. In my search for gentle but effective shampoo that doesn’t have pthalates, parabens or excess foaming agents (like SLS or Sodium Laurel/Laureth and DEA) I’ve tried several brands. I’ve tried expensive brands that actually have all that nasty stuff and lots of silicone, which gives the illusion of soft hair…for awhile. Until your hair is coated with silicone and needs to be clarified, or until I realized that my hair was actually drying out. My Holy Grail of conditioners, Terax Crema, has a permanent place in my hair arsenal, and manages to make my hair silky soft without coating it in gunk. Crema also makes a perfect leave in, so I take a dime size drop in my hand post shower and rub it into the ends. This is more effective than any silicone shine serum I have ever used- and trust me- I’ve used them all. I have my favourite protein treatments that I do from time to time- my Joico K-Pak and my Thann Shiso Hair Mask. These conditioners sink right in to the hair and work miracles, turning dry lifeless strands to silky perfection. Add to that my new found anti frizz secret of wrapping my wet hair post shower in a cotton t-shirt- yes, a t shirt- and my hair has never been softer. More on the cotton t-shirt secret in another post….

Use enough silicone & this look could be yours!
Silicones have become ubiquitous these days as they are a cheap way to fool people into thinking their hair is suddenly healthy and smooth. 99% of products that claim to be full of healthy oils (argan is the most popular claim) are actually mostly silicone. I get very frustrated at when I see otherwise intelligent women  about a miracle product that has changed their hair, when all they have to do is read the label to realize their hair is exactly the same, it has just been coated in silicone. The old “time to switch shampoos” thing should never happen, and only does when your hair is so coated that nothing can penetrate the gunk on your hair.

Soft, frizz-free hair….
Now those foaming agents aren’t really the devil, but they do make the shampoo a little harsher than necessary, as they are more like dishwashing detergent and can dry the hair over time. They do serve a purpose though, as some products will build up in our hair. Styling products and, the worst offender in my opinion, hard water. Some water is so harsh it makes my hair feel like straw due to the mineral build up. In cases like that, using a clarifying shampoo (ie one without silicone and with foaming agents- my favourite is Neutrogena’s classic) and the occasional diluted vinegar rinse helps restore your hair to a more virgin condition.
So- Live Clean, I say? I saw them at the drugstore, read the ingredients, and thought, for under $7 a bottle, this is worth a try. I may even have been in a rush. Part of me was convinced nothing so cheap could be effective. Well, I was wrong. This was last year some time and Live Clean has become a staple in all our showers. My faves are the Fresh Water Moisturizing formula and the Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying formula. I don’t think the clarifying formula is as harsh as one with SLS or foaming agents, but it smells amazing and when used on the roots/scalp, makes my hair soft and bouncy. Its perfect in summer for those hot summer days. It has a soft sweet green apple smell that reminds me of some beauty product from the 70s. If anyone has an idea of what that could be, tell me! Its so nostalgic….The Fresh Water Moisturizing shampoo just smells gently clean and you can feel how gentle it is as it rinses out and your hair feels soft. I really feel like the Live Clean line has simplified my shower routine.  The conditioners don’t excite me, but my long, thick, coarse and high-lighted hair needs more than a detangler.  I tried the Live Clean Argan Oil line and found the sweet smell overpowering and the oil just weighed my hair down. The Apple Cider and Fresh Water formulas, however, are amazing. My hair has never been in better condition.
…it’s not a lot to ask for…right?


Have you tried the Live Clean line? It is available at almost any drugstore and all of the products are under $10. Neat fact- Live Clean is a Canadian line.

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