Bio Oil Gel: Review

Bio Oil has been in my skincare arsenal since it launched, and has been a must-have since it healed a horrible burn scar on my arm .

I love everything about Bio Oil – the way it feels on my skin, and how soft and smooth it leaves my skin. Bio Oil is truly a treatment oil – an oil that goes further than just locking in moisture. The base of calendula and chamomile oil, along with vitamins A and E, are soothing and healing for skin. Of course Vitamin A is where retinol comes from, and I even use Bio Oil on my face. It definitely improves the appearance of my skin.

Bio-Oil just released a new product that is a variation on their oil. It is their famous oil, but in a concentrated gel-oil base. It’s described as a body lotion without the water. I am IN LOVE with Bio-Oil Gel. They sent me some to try and the little jar is absolutely perfect for travel, so off it came to Mexico with me on holiday. After sun, sand and salt water, the Bio-Oil Gel turned my skin to silk. A small amount goes a long way, which means I’m pretty sure the large pot will last a couple months with regular use. I use a little plastic spatula to get the product out of the jar, mostly because my nails are too long to dip in.

Like most oils, it’s best applied to damp skin as oils helps lock in moisture and are perfect after bathing. The Bio-Oil Gel has the same fragrance as the original formula, but softer. I love the fragrance as it reminds me of Lady Stetson (no seriously, smell them side by side) and smells soft and clean.

Bio-Oil Gel feels amazing and soothing after shaving, soothes and softens hands and cuticles, softens and moisturizes elbows, knees and feet – all in all, it’s a terrific all purpose treatment for dry skin. Bio-Oil is sold at most pharmacies, and the Bio-Oil Gel is priced at around $14 CAD for the 100ml jar and $22 CAD for the 200ml jar.

Look at this jelly goodness – a little goes a long way so this will last awhile

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