BITE Beauty Multisticks and NARS Sculpting Multiple Duo: Multi-Tasking Makeup

I love the idea of multipurpose beauty products. I’ve been using blush and/or bronzer on my eyes as shadow since I started wearing makeup, and obviously professional makeup artists improvise to create beautiful looks as well. I did a shoot with one makeup artist and when I asked about the incredible burgundy eye liner they used that made my hazel eyes pop, it was a Bobbi Brown lip liner! I’ve tried to remember which one it was because I’d love to use it again…


clockwise from lower left: NARS Multiple Sculpting Duo in Copacabana and Sidari Beach, BITE Beauty Multisticks in Cashew and Blondie


Obviously the makeup and beauty community went wild and flipped when BITE Beauty released their genius Multisticks, (buy at Sephora) and for good reason. They are amazing! They are formulated with no silicones and contain 35% powder pigment, which is amazing. The texture is beautiful, matte yet soft and blend-able, and the sugarcane squalene base makes for terrific performance and lasting powder as well.

Another genius beauty release is the new NARS Multiple Sculpting Duo *cue angel chorus* and yes. They are everything you imagine and more. The Multiple Sculpting Duo is a double ended Multiple. FYI, a Multiple has .50 oz of product for $49 C. The NARS Multiple Sculpting Duo has two sticks, each at .24 oz for $52 C. Theses babies are a Sephora exclusive, limited edition and excellent value for a stunning product. Get ’em while you can! I have Copacabana + Sidari Beach (used in this post) and Flamenco + Oahu (upcoming post!). They are so beautiful.

I have the whole set of the BITE Beauty Multisticks and still have not managed to play with them all. I’ve rotated a few around and have to say I have loved every single one. I hope to share more of them with swatches and looks over the next month. The BITE Beauty Multisticks are incredibly pigmented, but blend out like a dream. I used fingers and sponge to alternate blending, but found finger application to be easiest. Except on lash line, and for that I used a round tipped stiff cream eye shadow brush for application, then blended with my fingers. I used fingers and a small lip brush to apply to my lips, blended with a little CHANEL Rouge Coco Lip Balm as a base.

The NARS Multiple Sculpting Duos are double ended Multiples, so the formula is the same. Honestly I could not love a product more than I love this duo in particular. Sidari Beach is the PERFECT rose gold and I am smitten!

Swatches from bottom left: NARS Copacabana, Sidari Beach, Blondie and Cashew
Swatches from bottom left: NARS Copacabana, Sidari Beach, Blondie and Cashew, all products swiped once.


Same as above but blended out. I did not heavily swatch the NARS. Seriously though, how gorgeous are BITE Beauty Blondie and Cashew?!


Talk about a soft glow! BITE Beauty Cashew + Blondie on eyes, Cashew on the lips and NARS Copacabana + Sidari Beach on cheeks. Honestly, these shades and this soft coverage is so me.u


Do you multi task with makeup? Would you use one colour product all over your face?



products sent to me for my honest opinion

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