6 Natural Perfumes You Have To Try Now

I love little bottles of perfume that fit perfectly in my purse. I also love perfume oils that apply with a roller ball. Oil perfumes applied to pulse points keep your perfume soft and personal, and even more so when they are soft and natural. I like all kinds of perfumes, but haven’t run into many natural perfumes that I love, but I keep trying! So, I was very excited to try these natural perfumes from two of my favourite clean beauty brands, French Girl Organics and Prim Botanicals. They’re in handy dandy little bottles that slip into a handbag and are perfect for travel. One of them is little tube like a lip balm, perfect for a pocket. These perfumes all wear quite well, and have lovely development on the skin. Guess what? All natural perfumes don’t have to smell like they came out of my backyard, and these beauties are proof.


French Girl Organics Tabac No1 is a dark smoky woodsy combination that blew me away. I did not expect this kind of intensity from a solid perfume, let alone a natural or organic one. When I took the cap off the first time I was blown away! The notes of Tabac No1 include lavender, bergamot, pine, cedar, juniper, rosewood, sandalwood and myrrh. They all combine to smell like a campfire crossed with pipe tobacco. To my nose it is decidedly masculine, but I’m silly that way.  It also would slip into any pocket perfectly thanks to handy little tube. Any human can wear this, and to be honest, I think it would layer really well with a simple floral like rose or jasmine. If you like leathery smoky tobacco scents, this one is for you!

French Girl Organics Ambre Noir….wow. How to describe this sparking yet moody amber scent? What a fascinating and delicious amber scent! This is not the typical powdery amber, but is somehow bright and intense, with a smoky base. The incense, woods and spices make for a creamy combination that add a sweet. I think the vetiver is the bright green note I’m smelling. Cistus is also known as labdanum, and has an ambery and leathery vibe. This perfume is beautifully blended and the raw materials are clearly top notch quality. This amber-vetiver combination is a must try for anyone who loves these notes.


Madame Blonde by French Girl Organics is another mysterious beauty. FGO clearly likes a little drama with their perfumes! My first sniff picks up sunny citrus top notes – bitter orange and lemon-  and thyme, and I do smell the rose that’s in the heart. Then the one-two punch of patchouli in the base makes sure we don’t get too complacent, thinking this is just your average citrus perfume. Madame Blonde makes me think of cool days and warm cozy sweaters, or perhaps a sexy dress and a candle light dinner, equally at home in jeans or silk.

French Girl Organics Jasmin Vert!!! Oooh I love me a good jasmine perfume! Jasmine is a tricky little blossom, and a skilled hand is required to create a quality jasmine perfume. Jasmine Sambac is the Arabian jasmine, and of the night blooming variety. This jasmine grows in China and is the jasmine commonly used in tea. It has a very delicate fragrance, and in Jasmin Vert, there is also green tea, so they work beautifully together. Jasmine Grandiflorum is French jasmine and the one commonly used in perfumes, and has a lush fruity fragrance. FGO combines these two jasmines with many notes, including rose, the soft musk of ambrette, and oak moss. Jasmin Vert is ladylike and classic, with just the right amount of soapy clean balanced out by the naughty notes that only jasmine can impart. Jasmine lovers you need this one!


Prim Botanicals Flor Obscura is truly one of the loveliest rose perfumes I’ve ever sniffed. Prim doesn’t give away all the notes, which is fine with me, as I love to smell it for myself. But the rose just sings in here, as does the warm base of sandalwood, amber and something softly sweet and delicious. Honestly, I can’t stop smelling my wrist. It smells like a cross between rose soap and sweet rosewater candy, with maybe a bit of that vintage makeup scent. Rose lovers put this on your list, you need it.

Prim Botanicals Mademoiselle Swell is happiness in a bottle. With uplifting and happy notes of neroli, lemon and jasmine, Mademoiselle Swell smells clean and sexy at the same time. I detect some wonderful clean musks in there, and lovers of Egyptian musks, and scents like Narciso Rodriguez For Her will LOVE this! It’s another addictive one, and has not left my purse since it arrived.  It takes on the scent of the wearer in the magic way that only musks can do. A beautifully done perfume that I’m thrilled to have in my collection.

Would you wear natural perfumes? Do you already? What are your favourites?

Perfumes sent to me for my honest review

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