Must-Have Beauty Classics: Nivea Classic Creme

Look at that gorgeous Nivea Creme! Can you feel the luscious texture from here? Look at that gorgeous Nivea Creme! Can you feel the luscious texture from here?

Ah Nivea Creme. It’s one of those iconic beauty product that almost everyone can recognize by scent alone. There is usually a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother or auntie that has used Nivea. For me, I remember we had in the house and it was great to layer on cheeks when the winter winds howled and my brother and I wanted to build snowmen, forts and skate on the canal. The thick sweet smelling cream protected our tender skin from the great white north perfectly. I can remember sticking my finger into that thick magical white cream as a kid it was so thick and I knew it would protect me. And you know what? It still does that, and many other things to boot. Yes, it has mineral oil, so we’ll get that out of way right away. I don’t have an issue with medical grade mineral oil, and agree with Paula Begoun on this matter. For my skin, and especially my lips, nothing works better than a petrolatum product at locking moisture in and healing chapped skin.

Nivea has been a “favourite” of mine for as long as I can remember. The Classic Creme? A favourite hand, body and even face cream when something heavy duty is required. As a rich hand cream, it’s unmatched. I massage it into my cuticles and all over my hands before bed, and wake up with soft hands. It works on feet too! It’s also ideal for knees and elbows – anything that needs extra moisturizing care. I have used it as an overnight moisturizing mask as well. Of course we’ve all probably heard about the Nivea Creme versus La Mer trial, and how Nivea won…..


I simply adore Nivea perfume, it has that soothing sort of rose soap scent that we expect from retro beauty products. The notes are a bit of a mystery, but I imagine they are close to what is in the perfume Nivea released in Germany in 2015. The notes they released for the perfume are bergamot, mandarin, muguet, lavender, ylang-ylang, rose, freesia, sandalwood. All of those make perfect sense to me, as they all sound like the perfect soapy and creamy combination. I have the perfume ( thank you to the dear reader who sent it to me) and it is an absolute perfect match for the cream. I adore it and wear it often – it always gets compliments. I suspect people recognize the scent in their subconscious, and it triggers sweet memories. I love to wear Nivea Perfume to bed, or any time I want to smell clean and feel the familiar comfort.


I don’t only use the cream, I also love the body lotion and milk. The Nivea Firming Q10 Plus Body Lotion has been a favourite of mine forever. It soaks right in and absorbs instantly, as well as making skin look dewy. I find it does improve the appearance of skin with regular use. Nivea Q10 Plus Body Lotion is definitely one of my favourite summer dress and shorts lotions, as it gives my legs the perfect glow.

I also adore Nivea Nourishing Body Milk – this the one I use the most. It offers more intense moisturizing than the Q10, although I notice now that they have a Q10 Milk (!) so I must try that next! There is almond oil in the Nivea Body Milk and I rub it into my nails whenever they’re bare, as almond oil is great for nails.

What else? Nivea Creme Care shower wash is amazing and gentle, and of course smells like Nivea! I’ve wanted a Dove Body Wash that smells exactly like the soap but that hasn’t happened yet so this will have to do! It makes my whole bathroom smell like Nivea and is gentle on skin. Oh, and did you know Nivea has deodorants? My favourite is the blue Nivea Protect & Care version, and it’s gentle and effective.

So there you have it, my favourite Nivea products. Do you like Nivea? Does it hold any memories for you? What are your favourite Nivea products?

Nivea Classic Creme sample provided for my honest review. Other Nivea products purchased by me

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