Brighten Your Smile With Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss

Oh Bobbi Brown- you and your beautifully tempting colour palettes designed to make anyone look like themselves, only more polished. I love Bobbi’s aesthetic and style. I have always abhorred the overly made up look (well, except in the 80s….) and her “less is more” and “emphasize your best features” philosophy works for me perfectly.


In daylight

I was perusing her lip gloss selection the other day and finally grabbed a colour I have loved for awhile. It is from her Brightening Lip Gloss collection, which is designed with just a touch of shimmer to “wake up” your complexion and add brightness as opposed to drama. And, in particular, the colours from her Brightening Nudes Collection. How I love these colours! And, the Lilac Pearl is just perfect, obviously. The slightly blue undertone- and by slight I really mean slight- has a brightening effect on teeth and skintone. Although if you prefer a warmer shade, Pink Lilac is smidge more pink than lilac and would likely be perfect. And, lets be totally honest here. I want Pink Lilac and Pink Opal too.



In natural daylight, indoors

At any rate, Lilac Pearl Brightening Gloss is a new favourite of mine. It goes on beautifully, albeit a wee bit stickier than I’d like, but I can look beyond that. There is a tiny fuchsia shimmer that adds a lovely dimension to the colour. But one thing I really love is that as the glossy part wears off, a subtle and lovely touch of colour remains on the lip. I tried to photograph that phase of the development but couldn’t capture it. Trust me- it is very pretty!


In natural daylight, indoors



Bobbi Brown Lilac Pearl is available at Bobbi Brown counters.

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