Jergens Original Cherry Almond Scent Lotion Leaves Skin Soft


Being the product junkie that I am, I continually try new beauty products. Lotions and potions are my favourite, as I am a moisturizing fiend. Thankfully for my wallet, I have never found an expensive body lotion that has impressed me enough to ditch my drugstore fave, Nivea Q-10. It applies like a dream, sinks in and smoothes the skin, and gives the skin a lovely glowing appearance. Perfect for legs during sundress & shorts season, as well as keeping you soft and moisturized over our long heinous winter months. It has a fragrance that I’d call innocuous. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either, and anyways, it disappears in a minute or two and is forgotten.



But. I have finally found what I like to call a “complimentary” lotion. One that I can alternate with my Nivea, and that I love especially for my hands, feet, elbows and knees. And, here is the kicker, it smells like a little bit of heaven- right there on your skin- Jergens Original Scent lotion. It is substantial, but never greasy. It sinks in almost immediately and leaves the skin dewy and soft, but not shiny. More like…plumped? Glycerin is in there and can certainly help with holding onto moisture. One thing I find interesting is that the words “Original Scent” are almost the same size as “Jergens” on the bottle. It is a cherry almond scent, and it lingers beautifully on the skin. Not like a perfume but more like soft smelling skin. No wonder it has such a loyal cult following! I love to apply it at bedtime, as it leaves no greasy residue on the skin and the cherry almond scent lulls me to sleep. Bonus- I wake up with soft moisturized skin.
Jergens for soft skin after the bath....
Jergens for soft skin after the bath….
I keep a bottle next to my kitchen sink, for my hands after washing, and to smooth knees and even legs before I run out the door. Yes. I am that crazy. I also always have a bottle on my bedside table- obviously. I’m on the lookout for smaller sized bottles or tubes of Jergens Original Scent to carry in my purse as hand cream. So far no luck. I may have to decant…..
Verdict? Love.

Jergens Original Scent Lotion is available at most drugstores for less than $8 for a 21oz bottle.

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