Buxom Lip Tarnish is Causing A Scandal On My Lips

Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Tarnish is a big sort of pencil/crayon that tints like a stain, shines like a gloss, moisturizes like and plumps as well. I first read about it on Best Things In Beauty  and for a lip colour-phobe like me, the fact I felt I had to have it was impressive on it’s own. I guess I liked the idea that it wasn’t really a lipstick, as I hate the feeling of something thick on my lips, or something that requires maintenance or touch ups. So I found them, tried them, and found I liked Scandal, a “rose plum” colour. It’s the same colour that was raved about on Best Things in Beauty, which makes sense, as both Charleston Girl and I tend to like similar colours.

Indoors in natural light…

The formula is creamy and smooth, and applies like a dream, even for me. The pencil-like end makes it easy to apply, and the fact that this colour is like a darker version of my own lip colour helps as well. I like to apply it, and then wait a bit for the staining/plumping action to happen. It isn’t a massive tingly or stinging plumping effect, more of a slightly cooling sensation. There are emollients like vitamin E to keep your lips soft & moisturized The stain is lovely, even and gorgeous. I really can’t say I have ever used anything like this, and I love it. I can get to that stage quickly if I just blot with tissue a few minutes after application. There is a very slight sweet vanilla scent that I notice when applying, but it fades almost immediately.I don’t detect a taste of any kind. The cap contains a sharpener that “keeps your creamy pencil perfectly prepped for whatever shenanigans that arise”. Cute.

In natural indoor light, right after applying
In same indoor light, about 30 minutes later, lightly blotted. Excuse my hair that I just noticed is stuck to my lip :-/

Verdict? Love. An amazing hybrid lip product that has earned a place in my make up collection.

Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Tarnish is available exclusively at Sephora online and at Sephora stores, where I got mine, for around $20.

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