Sweet & Sexy Skin Musk….Still Love It

The scent of simple uncomplicated musk perfumes always reminds me of my teenage years. They were really big back then, probably because they are so simple and easy to wear. They smell like skin….warm skin. Sometimes clean, and sometimes a little not-so-clean, which is where the sexy aspect comes in. The key is that even when they smell sexy, musks don’t yell or fill up the room with a choking “perfume”. Which is why I love them, obviously. I have a bunch of musks, from high (Il Profumo Musc Bleu) to low (Coty, Jovan, Bonne Bell which is now Parfums de Coeur). Bonne Bell Skin Musk was one of my favourites – I had the eau de toilette spray and the perfume oil. The oil tends to last longer on the skin and I actually prefer it to the edt. It smells a bit sweeter and cleaner and wears very close to the skin, which, if you read this blog regularly, you know I love.

Skin Musk is made by Parfums de Coeur now, and I guess it’s been so long since I sniffed the original Bonne Bell version that I really can’t say I detect a difference. I’m sure someone will correct me on this, saying the formula has changed but you know what? Ignorance is bliss. When you first apply Skin Musk, you get soft sweet powdery notes, then they dry down to the soft woodsy musk notes I know and love so well. Totally a unisex scent, and it would also smell yummy on a man. It is not quite as “masculine” as I interpret Kiehl’s Musk to be, although I also love that one.  I love Skin Musk and have been wearing it quite a bit lately. It smells clean, sweet and innocent yet sexy. Perfect when I just want to smell good and not think to hard about what perfume to wear for the day. I also love to wear it to bed. Makes me feel cozy…but that could be the nostalgic angle. Works for me!

Pretty sure Kristy McNichol & Tatum O’Neill wore Skin Musk.


The little bottle of Skin Msuk Oil is available all over the internet for around or under $10. Steal.

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