Chanel’s Beautiful Black Pearl

Ok Chanel you have done it again. WOW. Officialy my new favourite, Chanel Black Pearl is such a gorgeous nail colour I’m almost at a loss for words to describe. Almost.
If black can be dusty and frosty and somehow “lit” from within, then yes this is black. It is a cold black but has light courtesy of the greenish glow that elevates this polish from nice to Wow. It is a cool colour but a greenish hue vs a blue grey hue seems to warm it. It has the typical Chanel formula which is just thick enough but not clumpy. I used two coats and found it just perfect. I do wish they’d do a better brush but their formula is so rich one can almost excuse it.
Chanel Black Pearl comes from Chanel’s Spring 2011 cosmetic collection, which also includes Pearl Drop and Peche Nacrée, a gorgeous pearly white and softly frosted nude/peach respectively. I do believe I love them all. The entire collection is just gorgeous…resist it, I dare you…

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