The Beauty of Derma E Anti-Wrinkle Gel & Cream

In my never ending quest to stay moisturized without breaking out I try many things. I try to do my research first but often find obscure products that haven’t been reviewed anywhere. I decided to try Derma E as their products are free of parabens and use naturally derived ingredients. They happily provide full disclosure and an ingredient list for all their products which is nice and makes it seem like they have nothing to hide.  Their price point is very reasonable with almost nothing over $20. Derma E products certainly don’t have a lot of “buzz” online, maybe the cream a little but the gel was an unknown. Years ago I used a glycolic gel on my body and then could never find it again and have been looking for a similar smoothing product ever since. The Derma E Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate Wrinkle Treatment Gel is a fantastic replacement! The Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate Wrinkle Treatment Crème is also a fantastic product. Palmitate is a form of retinol or vitamin A which helps with aging or acne prone skin. I bought this on a whim to use on my neck, around my eyes and on my décolletage and I am quite pleased with the results.
The  Derma E Vitamin A gel is a nice light gel and is perfect for oilier skins or in hotter weather on its own or if you drier its lovely layered with the Vitamin A crème. I have done this when the temperature dipped down to -30 Celsius and I needed an extra layer of protection from the cold and the indoor heat. The gel feels like an aloe base but it’s not listed in the ingredients- but it is a similar gel texture. It has a very light soft cucumber-ish scent that disappears almost immediately. I used it almost all over at bedtime and after the shower, under my Kiehls Crème de Corps or Nivea Q10. At bedtime I have been using it on my face under my Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate. It is not a strong or irritating vitamin A formulation, but just enough to feel a difference in the texture of my skin. Since using the gel, my skintone is a bit more even and my pores are reduced. I got it for both my daughters as they have inherited my oily skin and it is just the right amount of moisture for them. My younger one will layer a gentle rose day cream on top if she needs an extra boost.
The Derma E Vitamin A crème is lovely. It has a silky texture that is from the glycerin and sesame oil as opposed to silicones, thankfully. It sinks right in and leaves just enough of a dewy finish that stays so one doesn’t feel dry or that you need more product. I LOVE it on my neck on décolletage and around my eyes and whatever extra product is on my hands I rub into my cuticles. It has a very soft scent, a floral scent that makes me think of violets, but again, it does not last and is quite inoffensive. I do my La Mer trick with this product, which is to rub it vigorously between my hands before “rolling” it into my skin. I find this makes a little product go along way and is less likely to irritate my sensitive pores.
All in all these products are a big thumbs up and I will purchase them again. Maybe a case of the gel, I don’t want to run out of this stuff. Its’s also well priced, you can buy a huge bottle (220ml) for $13. If you are only using it on your face it will last forever! The tub of crème is around $13 as well for around 113 g (approximately half as much product as the gel) and is rich so a little goes a long way. They have a hyaluronic line that I am dying to try, if it performs as well as the Vitamin A line, then sign me up. I have not been able to find it yet though, so stay tuned. My only critique of Derma E is their website. They use vague categories for their products and it is impossible to find anything without using their search function.
 I got my Derma E at Shoppers Drug Mart and I have seen at health food stores as well. Have any of you used this line? What are your thoughts?

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