Daly Beauty Heroes

These are my bathroom shelf heroes right now.

Weak nails? You need to try the Trind Keratin Nail Treatment. Read more about my thoughts here. You need this.

I finally “get” the excitement around Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate. It’s silky and rich, and moisturizes without adding grease. Used as a makeup base or as a boost to whatever moistuzier I am using, it is perfect. I also love putting in on my hands, nails and cuticles at bedtime. No wonder this cult item is a favourite of make up artists for using as a base to add radiance. Love!

Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel Illuminating Base. Wow! I read about this recently on The Beauty Look Book. As often happens, what Sabrina loves, I love too. This is no exception. It is a gorgeous brightening primer, without silicones, and miraculously without shimmer or sparkle. When I use it, I don’t need as much powder, concealer etc, and what I do use, stays put. With a glow. LOVE. To be fair, Sabrina reviewed Chanel Base Lumiere, and I’m not sure if they are the same product. Anyone?

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee is all that and a bag of chips. For dry or oily skin, this might be the perfect cheek stain/cream blush hybrid. It has a bouncy jelly texture, and feels like cool water going on the skin. It stays put, and it buildable, that even the uber bright neon Poppy Paradise shows as a lovely pink on the skin. LOVE.

Vasanti Monoi Magic! It is magic! I am not a fan of the scent of coconut, ever since I went through this coconut oil consuming thing last year. Now it makes me queasy, but not this beauty of a product. It has a soft sandalwood scent that tempers the sweetness of coconut. And it literally melts into the skin. I adore it and am putting it everywhere! In cooler weather, coconut oil is solid, but when you squirt in onto the skin, you can watch it melt before your eyes. For knees, elbows, any dry spots and hair, you cannot do better than this.

Marvis Jasmine Mint toothpaste is like brushing your teeth with minty jasmine petals. None of the nuclear minty mouth numbing power that one gets in traditional drugstore toothpastes. Just clean and pretty. A favourite. Often sold at chi-chi boutiques, but a friend gets hers at a traditional old school Italian barbershop in town. So there you go!

St Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Moisturizer is officially my favourite new lotion. It smells sweet and soft, and leaves your skin silky smooth. It doesn’t have any self-tanning properties, just basic moisturizing. A friend uses it, and I always wanted to try it, as St Tropez is one of my favourite self tanners. This moisturizer lives up to my expectations! It’s a little pricey at around $18 US for a large tube

Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder in Nude is quite simply, genius. How does it work? How does it impart a glow so perfect it is part natural blush, part sunkissed tan, and part magical glow? The glow is magical, as it appears to have shimmer in the pan, but not on the fave.  I see *some* shimmer when I use my ten times magnifying mirror, but other than that it just adds magic. I am already planning to buy a back-up of this gorgeous product in case Bobbi Brown discontinues it. Yes, expensive at $60 CAN, but Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder is The Best illuminating powder I have ever used. I love the Nude shade (for medium skin tones) but the Porcelain Pearl for fair skin looks equally wonderful.

Daly Beauty Heroes

Daly Beauty Heroes by dalybeauty featuring Chanel

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