Daly Beauty Quick Tips – Lazy Girl Hair

Planning to wear your hair wavy? Here is my lazy girl method: shampoo in the evening, and style in the morning. After shampooing, and using my Goody Quik Style comb and brush to remove excess water, I apply my leave-in conditioner and styling products.

ICON India Curl Cream

ICON protein gel

For wave, I am using ICON Protein Gel and ICON India Curl Cream. I comb them though, lightly scrunch, and leave it. When I wake up in the morning, my hair is silky soft and dry, and ready to style. Using my curl rod ( I like the TIGI one here), I add loose waves – either just a few sections on the crown, for a natural beachy look, or all over , for a more 70s disco glam look. ICON India Curl Cream holds that style in place.

With the help of Batiste dry shampoo, I can usually go up to five days between shampoos. I just twist my hair up for luxe baths between shampoos. In this fast world, I don’t think we take enough long, hot baths. I line up my favourite podcasts – ususally Wiretap – and just soak.

Moonlighting 1987-Bruce-Willis-Rolex-Datejust-Cybil-Sheppard
Look at Cybill’s gorgeous waves! So hot right now.


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