Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab – Coat of Arms & Shining Armour

lippmann gel lab

I was very excited when my friend Elena called me to tell me my Lippmann Gel Lab set was in at Holt’s. They are selling out everywhere so I had to order it. A gel mani I can do at home? With no equipment? That works with all my nail polishes? Yes please!

From Deborah Lippmann’s site:

The New Healthy Alternative to Gel Manicures. No lamps, no tools, no damage to nails. Used with any traditional nail lacquer, the Gel Lab system gives the high-gloss finish and soft cushiony look of a gel manicure with extended wear. Simple removal with The Stripper or any lacquer remover.

COAT OF ARMS Base Coat. Formulated with epoxy resin for extended wear and acrylic to strengthen the nails. High viscosity for protection. Infused with Biotin, Green Tea Extract and Aucoumea. Recommended Use: Apply COAT OF ARMS Base Coat. Wait 2 minutes before applying nail lacquer shade. .5 Fl. Oz. 15 mL

SHINING ARMOR Top Coat. Formulated with polymers, resins and acrylics for strength. High viscosity helps create more deposit on nail upon application giving a heavier layered effect with super high shine and yet ultra-quick drying. Infused with Biotin, Green Tea Extract and Aucoumea. Recommended Use: Wait 2 minutes after applying nail lacquer shade before layering on SHINING ARMOR Top Coat. .5 Fl. Oz. 15 mL

lippmann its raining men and gel lab
How gorgeous is It’s Raining Men? LOVE

I notice that my nails feels thicker and harder immediately. And they definitely have that cushy glossy look of a gel mani. I’m using Lippmann It’s Raining Men for my 2nd Gel Lab mani and the first one was with a sheer OPI. It lasted 4 days without a chip. I always have my hands in hot water (hand washer) and am just generally hard on my nails (clumsy). I think my best solution is to keep my nails as short as possible so they don’t get banged around too much. I also love the chic look of short clean nails. They look great with sheers, pale, brights and especially with darks and reds. So this rich cherry red with put the Gel Lab top and base coat to the test! Stay tuned.

The Gel Lab kit ($45)  is available online . Check here for international retailers and here for US retailers.

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