Sometimes I Go Out Almost Bare

Bobbi Brown is known for her natural and easy to wear make up. She is all about emphasizing our best features, and not coating us in layers of make up we don’t want or need. Which I love. I also love her simple and soft perfumes. Bobbi Brown Beach is a summertime classic, and I love Bath, although I’m pretty sure it is discontinued. Shame, as it is one of the bigger compliment getters I own.

So I was at Holt Renfrew and saw this darling little set that I cannot find anywhere on her site. I did find it on Neiman’s site for $85 so you can buy it in the US. It was around $90 at Holts in Canada, and it includes:

– Limited Edition Pink Bellini Long-Wear Cream Shadow
– Uber Beige Pot Rouge
– Bare Sparkle High Shimmer Lip Gloss
– Black Mini Everything Mascara
– Limited Edition Almost Bare Rollerball Fragrance
– Limited Edition Mini Cream Shadow Brush
– Mini-Clutch Accessory

From left: Uber Beige blended & not blended, Pink Bellini shadow, Bare Sparkle lip gloss


Look at the pretty shimmer! In person it’s more radiant than disco.

I love it all! The eyeshadow is a pretty soft peachy pink that flatters and the brush is adorable and makes for perfect application. The pot rouge is kind of a bronze-y beige that looks super natural, and the lip gloss is just gorgeous! The black mascara is fine, it’s not waterproof so I likely will give it to my daughter. It is a great size for travel. Now, the scent. Almost Bare is a pretty, clean, warm skin out of the shower perfume. It reminds me a lot of a perfume that Bobbi Brown mentioned many years ago – a perfume she said was her “perfect clean skin” scent, and that she wishes she had invented. Hm. I own that perfume and side by side with Almost Bare they are, well, very close. Maybe Bobbi’s is a bit sweeter? I may review the other one, actually. Either way, they are both pretty and I have the Almost Bare roller in my purse to be ready for a clean and pretty perfume touch up anytime, anywhere. I LOVE the pink leather bag. It is so pretty and I will totally use it as a make up bag in my purse – it’s actually already there. Verdict? Love it and well worth the money.

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