Headband. Curls. It’s That Easy.

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon the Headband Curls tutorial video from Trade Secrets on YouTube but it seemed so cool and easy I ran out and bought headbands right away and was going to try it. Newsflash: I haven’t tried it yet.

The other day I got a text message from my daughter Emilie (aka half of  The Beauty School Dropouts) who is away at school in NY state doing a Master’s degree. This time of year in our part of the world means cold temps outside, and hot Sahara dry air inside. Em said her hair was flat and annoying, and she was wondering if some velcro rollers might help add volume and wave. I sent her the Headband Curls video and look at what she sent to me:

headband curls emilie
How gorgeous, soft & bouncy are these curls?

Amazing, right? For background, Emilie does not have the same hair texture as I do. She has lots of hair, but it is baby fine and soft as silk. Her hair is also notoriously fickle about keeping curl. It takes her over 40 minutes with a curling iron to get this kind of look. For this, at bedtime she applied a bit of mousse (the best- Dove Style + Care Nourishing Curls Mousse)  to clean, dry hair, wrapped it as per the tutorial, woke up and TA-DA!  Have you tried this? Would you? I think I have to.

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