My Dove Style+Care How-To Video: Nourished Hair & Long Lasting Style

I recently had a lot of fun making a textured waves hair tutorial with Dove. Dove contacted me to ask if I would be interested in working with them and using their products. I was honoured and excited and said yes for a number of reasons. I have a special place in my heart and home for Dove, and was excited to try their hair products. Wow- am I grateful I did. I am now addicted to the Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Daily Treatment Conditioner from the same line. The shampoo cleans my hair beautifully with a fresh, soft & clean Dove scent, and the conditioner is like a deep conditioner or mask that I can use each time I shampoo. If, like me, you have long thick coarse hair that tends to be dry, a regular conditioner just doesn’t do it. My hair stays soft and bouncy between shampoos and is tamed and easy to style. Perfect. Every bathroom in my house has this stuff in it now.

Now. The styling products? Wow. This is where my mind was literally blown. I have become a huge fan of the Style+Care Frizz-Proof Cream Serum- seriously awesome for dry or crispy hair. It is a silicone product, so a little goes a long way, and it a water soluble silicone so it washes out perfectly between styling. But, it keeps your hair soft and silky from shampoo to shampoo. I use a tiny wee bit on wet hair before styling to protect it, and a tiny bit on the ends of my dry hair after styling to smooth and add shine. It guarantees my hair won’t pouf out or look frizzy so my style lasts and lasts. But my favourite product has got to be the Nourishing Curls Mousse. I feel like it was made for me! It comes out of the bottle looking and feeling like the silkiest whipped cream, is light as a feather, and distributes beautifully through my hair. I lightly scrunch it and let it air dry before curling and my waves/curls seriously last for days. Which reminds me- Dove has a dry shampoo! The Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo is amazing. It smells fresh and clean, has very little white powdery residue or deposit, and keeps my roots clean so my gorgeous waves can last days. Yes, days….and days. It adds texture and volume to hair so even days after shampooing your hair looks bouncy and fresh. Yay!

The Dove Nourishing Curls Mousse always makes think of this!

So- the end result of me falling head over heels for Dove Style+Care hair care line? My hair is soft, silky and beautifully conditioned, and I don’t have to keep checking my hair to be sure my style is intact. I am lazy by nature, and the fact that my curls and waves hold their shape forever makes me happy! And leaves time for other important things….like Gossip Girl marathons with my daughter. And manis.

Do you or anyone you know find yourself checking your hair throughout the day? We all do it. Watch the video here – Dove is also giving away full sized products and coupons on a daily basis. Plus, you can win a year’s supply of Dove Style+Care hair products! So check out the video – I know you will see yourself and every woman you know in it!

Without further ado, here is the video I made with Dove that shows how easy peasy lemon squeezy it is to do your own textured curls!

Let’s talk about how awesome Dove is:

The Dove Beauty Bar has been a staple in my home going back as far as I can remember. And, I do think that Dove changed the advertising and marketing landscape forever with their campaign to empower women and help them learn to love themselves. They exposed the super photoshopped fantasy world of beauty advertising and how these images can make women feel like they just aren’t measuring up. I remember when it started, and I recall being wowed. It opened a dialogue with my daughters, and has taught them to think twice before buying what a beauty company might be selling. I appreciate that Dove doesn’t sell fantasy or an image of beauty that is unattainable to those of us who aren’t models with 24 hour access to make up artists, hair stylists and Photoshop. Seriously- some companies have ads that airbrush celebs into unrecognizable robo-babes. The worst. We love Dove for making sure girls grow up with self-esteem and confidence a MISSION. Thank you Dove!

 Dove products are available at drugstores across North America. Sponsored post.

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    Dorit- thank you for reading. I will be doing a post touching on a few products used in the video. The make up artist, Taylor Savage, is amazing and used some gorgeous stuff!

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