Yeah, That’s Right. I’m Washing My Face With Dove Soap.

Dove Beauty Cream Bar

Oh, how I love  Dove Beauty Bar. I love the way it smells, the way it looks, and the soft fluffy clean lather I get from it. Many years ago I owned a home cleaning business (one of our city’s first environmentally friendly services…) and I learned something very interesting from my employees. Our clients that had Dove soap in their showers had the cleanest showers. Cleaner tiles, cleaner glass and fixtures. No gross white build-up at all. So, you know those ads that show a Dove soap user vs a regular soap user looking at the white dusty soap build up on a tile and wishing it wasn’t on their skin? That, dear readers, is truth in advertising. Then, when I worked in real estate, I noticed that homes with Dove soap in their bathrooms smelled amazing and clean. That fresh Dove scent. And of course, I used it on my daughters when they were little. Frankly, I can’t recall the last time I had any other bar soap in my house.  I even use old fashioned soap dishes in my bathrooms and have only Dove soap for washing my hands. When my hands need to be clean, after a day out or cooking, nothing makes them cleaner or smell better than Dove. I keep extra Dove soaps stored in my drawers and linen cupboard, and usually have a bar or two in my closets as well. Yes, I love the scent that much.

Dove beauty bar vintage ad wash face

So, I decided to try an experiment. After falling in love with the dangerously expensive La Mer The Foaming Cleanser, I wondered if I hit the other end of the price spectrum and get decent results. After all, my skin feels soft and amazing after using Dove in the shower ( I lather it up on a puff and Dove myself head-to-toe) is there any reason why it wouldn’t clean the skin on….my face? I can hear the gasps – a $3 Dove soap? To clean the $70 Cle de Peau concealer off my face? Yes, gentle readers, that is what I did. Turns out my oily skin is loving the Dove treatment. It lathers up beautifully, and that soft cushy soapy lather rinses away beautifully, leaving my skin clean and not dry or tight at all.  As much as I love the dermalogical faves like Cetaphil and Spectra-Gel, they actually don’t do a good job of removing make up. They clean bare skin well, but don’t go very far in the removal of “stuff” on the skin. So, Dove soap, to clean my face, twice a day, at morning and night. My skin feels looks lovely, and feels soft. It’s only been a week, but so far I am sold on it and loving this experiment. So is my wallet.

Do any of you use Dove soap to clean your face? Or, any other tried and true old faves?

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Reader Comments

  1. Elisa Gabbert

    For years, in high school and college, I used the Clinique bar soap to wash my face. I loved that a little bar lasted FOREVER and took off all my make-up. However as I got older my skin got drier and it didn’t work for me anymore.

    I wish I could say I liked the smell of Dove soap, but it’s too assertively, well, soapy for me! I like the 365 brand glycerin soaps, especially the olive and aloe, when I’m not using shower gel. My favorite gel/liquid soap for the shower currently is Dr. Bronner’s in the almond scent.

  2. Mel

    Unfortunately Dove soap gives me dermatitis on my hands! Such a shame as i love its scent too. My hubby uses it and always smells lovely and clean after his showers!

  3. Jessica

    You totally got me intrigued by Dove Soap! I’ll definitely be picking some up next time I go to the drugstore… and I think I’ll even try it on my face!

  4. dorit

    hi i just found your blog love it! can u write on your face routin? morning and night, incuding eye cream, and foundation? thank u so much

  5. dalybeauty

    Dove does have unscented bars! And, I’ve been meaning to try the Almond Dr Bronners! I always say L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream smells like almond soap- a scent I adore! Thanks for tip xo

  6. Suzanne

    I’ve been doing this for almost two months and my skin looks way better. I’m still a teenager and even anti acne soaps usually get my skin dry, so Dove is the best choice for me. Great article! xo

  7. Tracey Nicole Prashad

    Our family uses nothing but Dove bar soap also! We LOVE it! We have original bar (for me), sensitive (for my husband) and baby (for my 9 month old son)….I actually use the baby bar for my face, so gentle and smells great 🙂 Leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh 🙂

  8. Erin

    I’ve been washing my face exclusively with Dove bar soap since my early 20’s. Right out of college when I was desperate to find some way to end my breakout cycle, someone recommended that I wash with Dove and I’ve never looked back. I wash twice a day, including to remove makeup. Now 36 years old, people routinely tell me I look like I’m in my 20’s. I barely have wrinkles, even the pesky ones around the delicate skin of my eyes. Luck and genetics? Perhaps. But I won’t risk changing my Dove routine. I swear by Dove and the lovely condition it’s keeping my skin.

  9. Vickie

    gasp! clean with your soap all you want – BUT – your letting your cleanser take off your make up?!- oh my friend – but your missing a whole other product realm to become addicted to! and my favourite – now I use a face wipe (currently blum yay winners $5.99, but all time fav ($) Korres (the purple pkg), in conjuction with a make up remover (currently clarins senstive skin cream – smells like peaches – yum, all time fav La Roche Posay millecaire (spelling?) gel make up remover) – no tugging – no rubbing – clean fresh skin for sleeping.

  10. Vanesa

    I use the Shea Butter bar for my hair, face, and body. It all works magically! It sounded weird using it for my hair, but I tried it one time out of desperation because my no poo routine was just not working out for me in my current place, and having a tight college student budget, I can’t afford shampoos that didn’t irritate my scalp, and cause me serious reactions. This bar worked wonders for my hair and scalp. I deep condition my hair once a week because the bar is all I use now, no conditioner or anything because I just let my hair’s natural oils “condition” my hair if that makes any sense. Anyways, love Dove! It’s the only product that doesn’t irritate me in any way.

  11. Swathy

    Dove is wonderful. I am a teen and this is the only cleanser I use. Face and body. My skin is glowing… Thanks Dove. Oh, and awesome blog you have here!

  12. Kitty Gaymes

    My boyfriend uses Dove on his body and face himself. I use it for my lady-parts. Since it appears that it works so well for other’s on their faces I may give it a try! I have horrible acne and NOTHING has worked for me. I guess it’s worth a shot!

  13. Sandi

    I can’t imagine anyone would say we shouldn’t wash our faces with Dove! Just like Ponds cold cream, it’s tried and true.

  14. Emily

    I just started using dove as a face wash and it is amazing! I’m a teen with a ton of breakouts and I’ve tried so many products and nothing works as good as this! My mom used it and she told me to give it a try and my face has never been this clear or soft. It actually made my face less oily and I didn’t have to use moisturizer cause it doesn’t dry your face out. This is a miracle for your face and your wallet

  15. B.M.

    I just started using Dove on my face and it makes my face so smooth! I always use Dove for my whole body and I even use Dove deodorant. I love the smell and the smooth texture behind it! ♥ B.M.

  16. Mirella

    I literally just started to use the sensitive dove bar on my face yesterday, and my face feels great! I’m going to keep experimenting. Thank you for this blog.

  17. Pip Moop

    Dove soap is amazing, it smells so nice and feels lovely on your skin. I’ve used nothing but Dove to wash my face since I was 14, people are always shocked when I tell them my age, because they guess around 19-21, I’m actually 31 in a couple of weeks and I believe it’s all down to using the Dove soap bar. 😉

  18. Ashley

    does anyone know which would be better? The regular white beauty bar or the unscented sensitive one? It’s as a face wash 🙂 thanks

  19. Shannon

    I have bad acne and have previously been using the clinique acne solutions 3 step system which i used to LOVE! But recently its been causing my skin to dry out and making my spots so red and painful, so i have switched to dove beauty bar! I agree about the soft fluffy lather it gives, and so far my acne has definitely become less irritated! I shall keep experimenting

  20. Sheila

    Dove is the only thing I’ve found I can use on my skin with out breaking out in a rash or getting dandruff! So I use their body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and deodorant. If I use any other brands, I really regret it! I’ve even tried all natural, organic products and they kill my sensitive skin. So I’ve become a super loyal customer. 🙂

  21. InlovewithDove

    Hiya all, I use Dove Silk Soap on my face, have done for years.
    I dip a cotton q tip in water then dip in my Dove bar to remove eye liner and mascara. It leaves my lashes silky soft and I’m sure it helps them to grow. Face cleansers make my face feel grubby and unclean. I tried them a few times, but I had to wash off that unclean feeling with my beloved Dove. I couldn’t live without it. Apparently in Canada you can get it in Pink too and it comes in a larger size.
    I wish you could in the UK.

  22. Ana B

    I have been using dove since i was a child, its what my mom and i have been using for years. We both have great skin, and ive never had acne, and i believe the dove bar soap had a hand in that.

  23. Kim ryan

    My face is sensitive.Once i used any product my face is allergy. Answer me What effect when i used Dove soap on face and my body

  24. Jane Daly

    Hi Kim,
    If you have sensitive skin, I would suggest trying the fragrance free or baby version of Dove Soap. That would be kinder to your reactive skin, and both of my daughters use these. Good luck!

  25. emmy lee

    Hey guys .. ive been meaning to use dove gentle exfoliating beauty cream bar on my face for a quick cleanse.. do you think it’s a good idea?? A safe one?

  26. Aliki Velissarakou

    I’ve been washing my face with the sensitive dove soap for over 3 months now and my face never felt that soft and glowing in a long time…I’ve been struggling with cystic acne since i was 15( i am 24 now)and have not felt better. It is so simple but yet effective!!Please if ther is someone that havent tried the dove soap please give it a go!

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