Deep Penetrating Lip Lubrication from Balm Chicky Balm Balm – Oh Yeah.

Goodness knows, I loves me some lip balms. Lip balms that moisturize – great! Even better? Tasty ones. Best? Tasty lip balms that do the job in cute containers. I’m so visual when it comes to my beauty products. Fun and jazzy packaging, while it doesn’t usually indicate efficacy or improve performance, always manages to impress. It’s pretty hard to be innovative in the lip balm packaging department, but Balm Chicky managed to do it!

Wild Mountain Honey - my favourite!
Wild Mountain Honey – my favourite!

Balm Chicky Balm Balm is a super cute and groovy company that makes awesome lip balms. Say it nice and slow, like s “special” movie soundtrack – Balm Chicky Balm Balm….get it? From their site:

Balm Chicky is about sexy, playful, confident expressions of sexuality – the glory days of over acting, feathered hair and roller disco. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and believe your cosmetics should reflect who’s underneath – spread our balm across your lips then strut your stuff to your very own bass line. Balm Chicky Balm Balm! Moistening Lips, Everywhere!

Olivia Newton John, reigning Queen of roller disco & flipped hair.
Olivia Newton John, reigning Queen of roller disco & flipped hair.

They had me at feathered hair and roller disco, and they kept me with their yummy balms. They are in a nice big stick which has around three times as much lip balm as a standard lip balm stick, and they are beautifully emollient. They have soft, yummy flavours like Juicy Melons (lol), Sweet Baby Ginger, Huge Cucumber, Wild Mountain Honey (my fave!) and Hot Chocolate Love. I use Wild Mountain Honey all the time and love it! But -the coolest part of Balm Chicky Balm Balm is The Friend End on the stick. That’s right. At the “other” end of the balm is a flip top cap with a separate supply of lip balm. So when you break out your lip balm and your friend says they need some too, just flip open the end and they can dip their finger in and get their own balm. Fun!  For around $12 US you can’t go wrong. Lip balm lovers – you need this! Also, perfect for the upcoming gift season. I love to find something different. Now, let’s go to Xanadu, shall we? Lace up your skates, disco bunnies!



Balm Chicky is offering 50% off to Daly Beauty readers! Just go to

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