Vintage Perfumes: The Sexy 80s Siren, Ungaro Diva

Ok so this perfume is a diva for sure, but it really is the way you wear it. Spray Ungaro Diva from head to toe? God, no. A few subtle spritzes on pulse points or a gentle mist before getting dressed? Drop dead sexy. Ungaro Diva is a rosy 80s chypre that makes no apologies for her volume, and refuses to whisper.

I find in the eau de toilette formula (the lightest) and worn lightly, Diva becomes as soft as suede and melts into the skin beautifully. It is a veritable kitchen sink list of notes so I won’t even get into them all, but you can read them here. The ones that stand out to me as sexy, cozy and gorgeous though, and I just love them.  The multiple citrus notes on the top soften the multiple floral notes before softening to a gorgeous base of oakmoss, honeyed sandalwood and vanilla. It even tends to a slightly soapy feel, but not detergent soapy, more like expensive French soap soapy. Ungaro Diva works with smokin’ hot heels and a little black dress, with a t-shirt and jeans, and I love wearing it to bed.

Diva is not for the timid, but you can keep her voice to a whisper if you like.

diva perfume bottle

Ungaro Diva is available from online retailers and perfume specialty shops. 

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