Vintage Perfume Review: Ungaro Diva

Ok so this perfume is a diva for sure, but it really is the way you wear it. Spray Ungaro Diva from head to toe? God, no. A few subtle spritzes on pulse points or a gentle mist before getting dressed? Drop dead sexy. Ungaro Diva is a rosy 80s chypre that makes no apologies for her volume, and refuses to whisper.

In the eau de toilette formula , Diva becomes as soft as suede and melts into the skin beautifully. The eau de parfum is a little richer & denser, just as gorgeous and competes with any modern rose chypre. In fact I’d say Diva stands above them as a masterpiece of perfumery, perfectly blended to dry down to the sexiest rose patchouli there ever was. It’s not as dated as Paloma Picasso, which is gorgeous but feels like it belongs back in the days of disco. Diva suffers from a name and bottle style that looks like it came from your favourite aunties dressing table, when the reality is it’s gorgeous enough to compete with any three hundred dollar plus niche perfume.

Diva has a veritable kitchen sink list of notes so I won’t even get into them all, besides the obviously beautiful rose, oakmoss and patchouli. The multiple citrus notes on the top soften the multiple floral notes before softening to a gorgeous base of oakmoss, honeyed sandalwood and vanilla. It even tends to a slightly soapy feel, but not detergent soapy, more like expensive French soap soapy. Ungaro Diva works with smokin’ hot heels and a little black dress, with a t-shirt and jeans, and I love wearing it to bed.

Diva is not for the timid, but you can keep her voice to a whisper if you like.

diva perfume bottle

Ungaro Diva is available from online retailers and perfume specialty shops. 

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