Dior Sailor Nail Polish – Ahoy, Gorgeous!

This is the Voyage Transatlantique Dior make up collection, and it’s obviously a limited edition. It’s a gorgeous and bright nautical themed collection that makes me think of the fabulous 1980s “cruise wear” collections. That golden compact has a soft highlighting powder that I am still dreaming about…might have to go back.

dior transatlantique collection

There are three nail polishes – royal blue “Sailor”, red “Captain”, and a sandy nude “Yacht”. There is make up too, but my eyes went right to the blue. It’s electric! The formula is nothing short of divine – thin and self levelling, with perfect coverage in two coats. The giant Dior nail polish brush make it almost possible to cover the entire nail in one swipe. Love. It also came with nail decals…stay tuned. I have no idea what I’m doing with them yet!

Dior Sailor in direct natural light
Dior Sailor in direct natural light


Dior Sailor in shade
Dior Sailor in shade


I have no idea about availability of this, but I found it at Saks. Eugenia at Ommorphia thinks that in Canada, it will be at The Bay April 1.

elvgren sailor woman


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