Dove Soap For Hands And Body

If you read DalyBeauty regularly you know I am huge fan of Dove soap. I love the feel, the smell and how it makes my skin feel after using it. I use it on my face, it removes make up perfectly and doesn’t irritate my sensitive acne-prone skin. But I basically use it for my entire self as well.

Dove as hand soap is perfect, as it is a thorough yet gentle cleanser that removes all the yuck from your hands, while leaving your skin soft. It removes the dirt of the day, as well as any food odours. My sensitive nose cannot deal with food odours on my hands. Even if I love the food, I don’t want to smell onions/garlic/cumin etc on my hands. Dove soap with a soft nail brush and ta-da! my hands are perfectly clean. One can use Dove beauty bar multiple times a day as well without drying out the skin. I loathe hand sanitizers and don’t believe that germ-killing is the way to nirvana. I just want to have clean hands. Dove is perfect for it. It’s a super creamy and emollient soap, so a soap dish is a MUST, or it will make a mess of your sink. I like finding cool and pretty small bowls or saucers to put next to my sink to hold my Dove Beauty Bar. The kind of bowls/saucers that I buy ,then toss in a cupboard, never to be seen or used again. Unless of course, the Queen comes for tea and I need a tiny plate for biscuits. Until then, they hold my Dove Beauty Bar.

daly beauty dove soap

Who needs body/shower gel? Ok, just kidding, as I have hundreds of them, but one of my favourite shower cleansers is good old Dove soap. Add a shower puff, some warm water, and you have hands full of soft, white yummy and clean smelling lather. I use to shave my legs and underarms as well, as it is always soft and never drying. I notice my skin is softer and smells wonderful after a head to toe lather with Dove soap, and it is one of the only scented products I do not tire of. Perhaps because it is so gentle and fleeting on the skin. I even use Dove Beauty Bar to clean my make up brushes. It leaves them soft, clean and with a gentle fresh scent.

dalybeauty dove soap

I take a bar of Dove soap with me when I travel. It’s amazing, because it instantly makes your hotel shower smell like home. I’ve started doing the same! I wish there was a body lotion/hand cream/perfume that had the exact scent of Dove – do you know of any, dear readers? It’s such a clean comforting scent.

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Reader Comments

  1. Lisa

    I recently had a horrific case of ‘Allergy Head’ – something made me red and itchy and sore from my scalp down to my shoulders and I was at my wit’s end trying to find something, anything that wouldn’t make me itch any more. On the strength of this blog post, I decided to try using Dove Beauty Bar and I used it all over – as shampoo, face wash, right down to my toes. Oh the sigh of relief! It obviously didn’t completely solve the problem, I needed a little course of antihistamines for that, but oh my goodness it helped enormously in the process of calming down my angry skin (I can also recommend Avene’s Cicalfate cream to calm sore skin).
    I am now officially packing a bar whenever I travel. It really does do the lot. Thank you, Jane!

  2. greenstyle

    My husband uses Dove and his skin loves it. I’m a fan since it smells amazing, and a little akin to no. 5 EDP, and keep a bar in the shower just for the scent it gives the room. I can’t use it on my face though because it breaks my skin out and can’t use it on my body since it causes some areas to dry out and then crack and bleed. No fun.

  3. admin

    Your nose is terrific! I love that you make a connection from Dove to No5 edp. I smell it too, although No5 in edt is my favourite…although Eau Premiere is also lovely!

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