Does It Smell Like Perfume? Or Is It Just Skin?

I love a good musk perfume. They are soft & stay close to the skin, and are perfect when I don’t really want to wear an actual perfume, but when I just want to smell good. The beauty of a musk that works with your chemistry is that it is likely no one will even know you are wearing perfume. When I wear musk I often hear comments like “you smell good” or, in a group of people “someone here smells good”. The latter comment is usually followed up with “it must be Jane” but that’s just because my friends know me too well. But the point is no one ever says “what is that perfume” or “what perfume are you wearing”, because when you find a musk you love, it should melt into your skin and become part of you. You- just a bit warmer, sweeter, sexier & yes, muskier. Oh…yes. Muskier. Like the smell of that special someone’s shirt that you slip on when they aren’t there, or their pillow. This kind of scent appeals to us on a more “primal” level that your average perfume. 

The smell of his clothes….
“Manly, yes, but I like it too…” was what came to mind the first time I tried Kiehl’s Musk. While it is definitely not a strong scent, it kind of has a rich, deep & sexy vibe that most frilly floral women’s scents lack. It’s manly and tomboyish, which frankly makes it even more sensual when a woman wears it. And, it just goes perfectly with everything. The story behind it says it’s based on a vat labelled “Love Oil” found stashed away in Kiehl’s flagship store- they introduced it in 1963. Love Oil? I’m in.
Manly, yes….ride ’em cowboy.
But it’s not just sensual. It’s cuddly and cozy. When my youngest daughter was little she said it smelled like hugs. That works. It’s soft, quiet & won’t offend anyone, even in a small space. It smells like warm, kissable skin. Adore the little roller bottle for my purse, perfect at under $30. Even the big 50ml bottle is under $60. The shower gel is one of my fave things and gently scents your whole bathroom, or master suite. The apothecary style aesthetic of Kiehl’s products is modern & simple- I love clean, classic lines. This is the perfect “white t-shirt” perfume & I wouldn’t be without it in my collection. 

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