Lierac Sensorielle: Body Oil For The Senses

Lierac is a French beauty line created in 1975 by a French dermatologist, Dr Leon Cariel, and is designed to help with aesthetic skincare issues.. I’d read about their products  and had been keen to try them, but the one product I was dying to try was unavailable until recently. Thank the beauty gods for bestowing Lierac Sensorielle Sensory Oil with 3 Flowers upon Canada. I first read about this on Best Things In Beauty, and, knowing that CharlestonGirl loves all things delicate and white floral as much as I do, I had. To. Have. It. Well, now it is mine!
I feel like Jane of The Jungle…grrrr
Lierac Sensorielle is a multi use oil, perfect for skin and hair. Their website says you can use it on your face but I think that would only be useful for the driest of skin. This oil is based on four precious botanical oils: argan, hazelnut, sweet almond, and grape seed. All of these are amazing for skincare and have amazing conditioning and moisturizing properties. It feels light yet rich on the skin, and sinks right in, leaving the softest and silkiest skin behind. Used after a good exfoliating session in the shower you will have glowing skin that smells like an intoxicating yet delicate blend of jasmine, camellia, gardenia. Simply gorgeous, it makes me think of that famously heady jungle gardenia scent that has been tamed. 
I also love to apply Sensorielle at bedtime – I swear the soothing aroma of a southern garden encourages sweet dreams. I don’t know if it is officially a “dry oil” but it does absorb beautifully, with no greasy feeling left behind on the skin. I also love to take a few drops and rub them into the ends of my hair to smooth, add shine and the soft scent of those hypnotic 3 flowers. 
Cleopatra loved her milky baths…
One thing I haven’t done yet is add it to bathwater. Lierac’s website says that when added to bath water, Sensorielle transforms into a softening and protective milk. I can only imagine how delicious a Sensorielle scented bath experience would be. That is next on my list. If you are a lover of skin oils, like Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse for example, I strongly suggest you search out the Lierac Sensorielle Sensory Oil with 3 Flowers. You won’t regret it.

UPDATE: I have since used the Lierac Sensorielle Oil in my bath. It turned my bath water into a milky delight that smelled like flowers, just as lovely as I expected.

Lierac is available at pharmacies, with the 3.4 oz bottle retailing at $34 in the US – click here to find a retailer. The Canadian Lierac site does not seem to come up- I got mine at Rexall Pharma-Plus for $44 for a 3.4 oz bottle. As with many products, it’s a better value to purchase this in the US.

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