Essie Retro-Revival Swatches & Review: Gorgeous Shades From Essie Past

Oh Essie! They did it again with a super gorgeous collection of colours they pulled out their vault, and I couldn’t be happier. The Essie Retro Revival is full of vintage Essie goodness!

for essie’s fabulous anniversary, we’re celebrating vegas style in honor of the ultimate party town where it all began. in honor of this iconic birthday, the legendary essie color archive has been opened with a thrilling glimpse into the brand’s dazzling history. the result is a limited edition collection of six iconic shades that all promise a sparkling night of thrills.

I love every single colour, with the single exception of Birthday Suit. I’m sure it’s gorgeous but it just did not work well on my skin tone, so it’s not swatched here. I swatched all on one coat of Essie Fill The Gap as I find all shimmer polishes apply better on a smoothing ridge filler, especially sheers and glitters.

Essie Cabana Boy is my perfect neutral! A pearly stormy grey, the touch of shimmer keeps this gorgeous warm grey from being chalky or dull. This is three coats, but two is frankly perfect as well.

Essie Retro Revival Dalybeauty reivew Cabana Boy
Essie Cabana Boy, 2 coats

Essie Sequin Sash is a gorgeous sheer gold shimmer with tiny flecks of gold dust scattered throughout. I think three coats would probably have been better. This is also the kind of shade I love wearing as a pedicure! Pretty.

Essie Retro Revival Dalybeauty reivew swatches Sequin Sash
Essie Sequin Sash, 2 coats

Essie Bikini With A Martini is simply drop dead gorgeous. I know some may not like the sheer aspect of this shade but I adore it. I found the magic hard to capture in a photo but it really is beautiful. This is two coats. Next time I will try three. Again, this is the type of polish that really benefits from Fill The Gap as a base.

Essie Retro Revival Dalybeauty reivew swatches Bikini With A Martini
Essie Bikini With A Martini, 2 coats

Um, can we talk about Essie Life Of The Party? Squeeeee it is a gorgeous satiny ribbon of a red shimmer and if you like that kind of thing, you better get this shade stat. This is two coats of perfection!

Essie Retro Revival Dalybeauty reivew swatches Life of The Party
Essie Life of the Party, 2 coats

And now, the crowing glory of the Essie Retro Revival Collection, Starry Starry Night! This legendary beauty launched in 1985 and has been yearned for by many an Essie Lover for years. It’s sold for hundreds of dollars on eBay and now it is back! And it is a stunner! It’s a sheer blue jelly but becomes pretty much opaque with two coats on a ridge filler. The glitter is smoother than most I have used in recent history and floats nicely in the glitter. Over at Beautygeeks they layered one coat of Bikini With A Martini over SSN, and it looks like a galaxy! It looks great mattefied too yet matte nails kind of bug me so no swatches for me. But if you love matte do it!

Essie Retro Revival Dalybeauty reivew swatches Starry Starry Night
Essie Starry Starry Night, 2 coats

These shades including Starry Starry Night go on sale January 5th 2016, which is the launch date for Canada and the USA. Good luck!



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